Captain's Log
16 August 2011

Hugging a tree – the only cure for sea sickness!

Hllo Land Lubbers,Coming to you this evening from Coffs Harbour where we anchored just after breakfast having enjoyed a very calm motor-sail overnight. Our morning brief outlined the plan for the day but we also enjoyed a visit from our \’Nanna\’. Yes, just like our real Nanna\’s, this Nanna goes around cleaning up after us and each morning Nanna (aka Mick our Engineer) gets to reveal a bag of items left lying around in our cabins and bunk spaces. As a thank you to nanna for helping we all go down to midships (middle area of the Ship) and sing some songs for Nanna – think High Five type antics!We had a happy half-hour this morning and then Sandon our Watch Officer provided some theory on Rules-of-the-Road (or how ships manoeuvre around each other) – give way to the right at the round about sort of thing. Then we had a lite lunch and proceeded ashore – yeah! A chance to hug a tree, see \’normal\’ stuff again and stretch the legs. We played sport on the beach, stocked-up on lollies and chocolates and had a coffee that someone else made … but that we had to pay for.The longing of life at sea drew us all back on board late in the afternoon where we enjoyed round 2 of rope races and a very pleasant evening teak-deck bbq. An impromtu moment of dancing, which made me feel very old. Apparently the foxtrot and waltz are something else these days .. the yoiuth of today \’dance\’ by spinning around but on their stomachs or one hand with moves like \’the worm\’ and the \’sprinkler\’.Later in the evening we did our three-way-talks where each person gets to be someone else and tell their story, including charades to describe their favourite movie. Anchor watches overnight and then we shall set sail early tomorrow morning.Until then take care.Yak (Voyage Captain)


30° 18' South / 153° 9' East


Westerly wind at 5-10 knots with barometer 1019 Hpa and falling. There is an approaching cold front due to cross the northern NSW coast tomorrow night or early Thursday morning. I expect the barometer to continue falling as the cold front approaches. With a drop in pressure I also expect the wind to increase so we want to get north quickly tomorrow as it will be unfavourable winds.