Captain's Log
22 June 2009

Hugging a Tree …

Hello again everyone,After a restful night at anchor we had our ceremony of ���colours’ and the morning brief where our Watch Officer, the energetic Bell (Belinda), showed us how we got the term ���two, six, heave’ that we use whenever we are pulling on lines ��� thanks to Sienna for volunteering although I thought Rule One was ���never volunteer’! With Happy Hour complete we all set out in the little rubber boat and went ashore on a beautiful beach on the northern side of Great Keppel Island. We were nowhere near the Island’s Resort but the beach was fantastic and it was great to be on solid ground and hug a tree. Strange how everything seems to be moving though ��� must be the sea legs! In our Watches we had our mid-Voyage talks where we provided feedback and thoughts on how it was all going and the Watch Leaders had opportunity to keep us focussed on the things we were achieving and what was still in the program.Back to the Ship mid-afternoon where the not-so-confident climbers were given an opportunity to show their stuff, with some very impressive results I must say. At one stage we had about 25 people up the fore mast! After the quick climb we discussed sailing from anchor (without the engines) and then successfully completed the evolution. It was a really good effort considering the strong tidal stream we had running against us. We are currently enjoying a quiet sail with the Watches getting back into the routine and fine tuning their sailing and navigation skills. A little confession though ��� we are cheating a bit and motor sailing as I type so as to clear the Keppel Group and give us enough sea room to sail in the very light breeze ��� it has dropped off today and we are expecting a soft night wind wise. But the engines make too much noise so we will turn them off shortly. No more than an hour on the engines at any one time ��_Must rush though because Trish our Sail Master who has the Watch at the moment has just slowed the engines dramatically and turned up into the wind to slow the Ship ��� Saul (White Watch) has been trailing a fishing line out the back and I think we have a good fish on the end. Off to investigate tomorrow night’s dinner ��_Yours Aye,Dave Jordan (Yak)Voyage Captain


22° 55' South / 151° 0' East


Easterly breeze at 5-7 knots. Clear skies and somewhat warmer temperature (the day was great but the nights still have a bit of nip to it).