Captain's Log
29 October 2009


Hello again everyone,Coming to you tonight from a peaceful anchorage at Albany. The Youth Crew have enjoyed the opportunity for some time ashore where everyone did mid-Voyage talks (opportunity to let us know how things are progressing and what other things we need to do – high and not so high points). After that it was a cafe for some to relax or walk about town and importantly feel that solidity that terra firma provides – the cure for sea sickness is to hug a tree after all. With the Youth Crew burning lots of energy it was not surprising most took the opportunity to get a few extra chuppa chups and chocolates (to add to the trillion that we have on board anyway)! All reports from the locals were that our pirates were well behaved – glad we prepared them with lots of piratitude. I’ll let the guys explain when we next meet!It was then back on board to explain and demonstrate the egg drops. Fantastic explainations – T.S. Elliot would have been proud. Then came the real test of dropping the eggs from up the mast down onto the deck without the eggs breaking. Success for all three watches! A wonderful team building activity that everyone embraced – haven’t laughed like that for ages!After another round of rope races we had a teak deck barbeque and then went into three way talks where each Youth Crew gets to know another Youth Crew who is not in their watch. An evening under the stars listening to us pretending to be another person and telling us ‘their’ life story – charades for the favourite movie invariably ends in lots of laughter.Too much for one day so until tomorrow, trust all is well out there in the land lubber world …Dave J (Yak)Voyage Captain 


35°3's / 117°56'e


As forecast last night the winds have eased slightly - now 15 knots from the west south west. Temperature 15 degrees C and the Barometer rising again and now at 1010.5 Hpa. Sea and swell have moderated so all looks good for our run to Bremer Bay tomorrow.