Captain's Log
V10/18 Sydney to Newcastle
19 June 2018

HUGE winds

Ahoy there, Well, do I have a story for you!With a sail plan in order, the crew is woken up at 0630 with 30min to be on deck, ready to sail out of Broken Bay.  We planned to set the forestaysail, mainstaysail, jib, mainsail and follow a heading of 090 for 7 nautical miles. All well and good, if you have wind… The forecast was SW 20-30kts but we were struggling with only 7kts. A wise man once told me that if you have an ideal sail plan, you will travel at 1/3 of the wind speed. So we are looking at 2kts… After a lot of struggling the staffies assisted us with the engines to get us to our first check point. Over this period, breakfast had been delayed and staggered for the youth crew. I questioned my leadership during this period.  Could I really do this with the limited knowledge and experience I had?  I didn’t have long to ponder on this as once we hit our check point, we had to set the squares, furl the fore and aft sails, brace the yards to starboard and follow a new heading of 030 for 41 nautical miles. During this leg of the voyage we were challenged time and time again. A big storm moved in and caused the swell to increase from 4m up to 6m at times. It hailed, and poured down with rain. There was lightning and thunder, and HUGE winds up to 48kts.  The youth crew managed to max the ships speed out at 14kts for a moment!!! The wind kept changing directions all the time and a few times it even died… On one particular occasion it died and things went quiet. We looked out to port and saw a water spout travelling towards us! The squares went WILD flapping about, wind exceeding the topgallant sails limit, so we had to clew it up. Naturally as soon as we did that the wind died again… Half the crew was seasick, myself included, but the show must go on. We had a delicious lunch of pies and fish. We were greeted by whales, dolphins and even a friendly seal. By 1600 we arrived at our destination. The staff took control to enter the Newcastle Harbour. Im incredibly proud of the youth crew and the resilience they displayed today. It was challenging both physically and mentally. I’m also very thankful for the opportunity to command the STS Young Endeavour it has been an absolute pleasure to work with everyone. Lots of Love,  Aussie (Austin) —————————————————————————————————— Ahoy there Shipmates, As Youth Captain Austin detailed, the Command day for the Youth Crew was an incredible journey, a day filled with individual and team discovery, challenges, rewards, lessons, friendships and beauty. Now that we are alongside the Queens Wharf in Newcastle we have many post-Command Day activities we need to complete before we can relax. The intention is to remain alongside overnight and sail tomorrow morning to allow the youth crew to host the half-day sailors and show them how much fun it is to sail Young Endeavour. Until tomorrow.  Yours Aye Captain Mike


32 55.5' S / 151 46.9' E


Weather - overcast and rainy, Wind - south-westerly at 10 kn, Swell - nil, Temp: 13 deg. C