Captain's Log
4 February 2001

Hot Greasy Chips

Our YC conducted a teamwork exercise overnight within their watches and all seemed to draw together more closely as a result. An overcast morning greeted us and the wind was kind enough to allow us to sail into a nice anchorage in Twofold Bay. An afternoon ashore in the lovely town of Eden has given some of our YC a new perspective on being ashore, with a few of them adamant that the land is rocking. After seeing the town’s legendary Killer Whale Museum, it’s back onboard tonight for an indoor BBQ dinner (due to the inclement weather) followed by a night at anchor for all to rest up and recuperate. Tomorrow we will press on to the North for there is, despite having come so far, still such a long way to go. Yours AyeMatthew RoweYouth Crew Entries for 4 Feb 01 ��� Well, welcome friends, relatives, people of the land, people who have come to the wrong site, and fellow boat people. Finally after six days at sea we have found land. This may seem no major deal for those of you who have had the luxury of sleeping in your own STABLE, BIG, DOONA ENCRUSTED, beds at night on solid ground that doesn’t make you feel like you’re on the ���Gravitron’ at Luna Park. But for many of the youth crew the sight of land brought overwhelming joy, and a strange desire to eat hot greasy chips and drink coke. After a while we realised that the land appeared to move like the boat. We took the Ducky back to the ship and everyone was in a joyful state. Everywun was talking to people that they hadn’t talked to deeply from once we left Geelong. There was a happy, friendly, joyful atmosphere in the Cafe and on deck with all the crew. Anywayz, this is Justin Brady (16) your Canberra correspondent, signing off.My experience on the Young Endeavour so far has been nothing short of amazing. I have experienced some of the most extreme emotions and varying challenges. The obvious low is seasickness but it has already in two and a half short days been almost totally surpassed by the excitement and exhilaration felt after achieving goals I didn’t even think of setting for myself. Climbing a mast 90 feet high and steering the ship into the bay, it can only get better. Love to all, Pennie 21


37° 5' South / 149° 54'


Situation at 1800: At anchor in Twofold Bay, NSW. Temp 21C Wind light and variable.