Captain's Log
30 July 2001

Horizontal Meditation

There has certainly been plenty of wind to challenge our Youth Crew on their Command Day (and Staff Crew for that matter). The original mission was to proceed to Port Denison ��� there to conduct a shore expedition and then continue south to Fremantle, but due to the heavy weather the shore expedition has had to be abandoned. In lieu the Youth Crew were required to proceed at best speed to investigate a fictitious distress call, which they promptly did and soon had the ship reaching at 9 knots. Overnight changing conditions have required frequent sail changes, often in difficult conditions, including pouring rain.This morning the ‘Mayday’ was cancelled and the Youth Crew were instructed to continue to Cockburn Sound via a waypoint to seaward. They are now rapidly approaching this position, having just tacked the ship in 30 plus knots of wind and heavy seas. This is demanding stuff and they are responding to the challenges superbly.Captain Ben has just called another tack so I gotta go. Tune in tomorrow and we’ll see how our brave and merry band (they’re singing ‘Always Take the Weather With You’ right now) conclude their Command Day.Until tomorrowCap’n Bob.Youth Crew entry by Shelby Ricardo aged 23 from Nicholson, Vic.After taking command the youth crew jointly went through the first of many stress attacks starting with what sails we would set. As a watch leader I had the task of organising the newly created watches and putting them through their paces which to start with was fine until my memory decided it wanted to go home a few days early. With a few prompts from Karmin and Mini Me sails were set and we were on our way. As the night rolled on, the weather changed and we spent the night checking and adjusting sails several times. When the sun came up there were a few tired yet happy faces to see we had made it through our fist night. Most spent the day catching up on sleep or as the activity coordinators classify it ‘horizontal meditation’ and some recovering from another bout of the dreaded seasickness. Our new chefs are doing a fantastic job at keeping hunger at bay and all the crew are appreciating their struggle.Seeya soon – Shelby


30° 45' South / 114° 32'


CO's Log 30 July 2001Situation at 1800 Monday 30 July 2001: Course 160 Speed 5. Conditions: wind west-southwest 30 knots, partly cloudy, temp 17 degrees.