Captain's Log
V13/18 Mackay to Airlie Beach
26 July 2018

Hook Passage, Langford Reef, Stonehaven

Ahoy shipmates,Young Endeavour spent a restful night at anchor in the magnificent Apostle Bay, with sheer cliffs around us. We got underway bright and early to make the most of a sunrise transit through Hook Passage (between Whitsunday and Hook Islands). To use a term of my own invention, it was serenic (serene and scenic). Dramatic scenery and glassy seas. After breaky we made our way to Langford Reef, just south of Hayman Island. After a quick morning brief and happy hour, it was time to head ashore for some exercise (see below) and swimming. On advice from a local guide we then made our way over to Ian’s Point, Stonehaven Bay and once again the Youth Crew left the ship to do some snorkelling in  the azure waters…sighting a variety of sea life, including a shy little turtle! As we were weighing anchor with had the privilege of a fly by from one of the Navy’s Armidale Class Patrol Boats…much to the excitement of a few budding sailors onboard. Once underway a twilight set of demo tacks (where I talk the Youth Crew how tack the ship) was completed before they settled into watches overnight, preparing for “Captain’s Setting and Furling early tomorrow off Whitehaven Beach. But now for a Youth Crew perspective.Until tomorrow,Fair winds.Captain Kenny Ahoy there land people! What a fabulous day we had today. We were woken up with A SWEET Xavier Rudd tune, followed by a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, croissants and baked beans. Thanks to chefy Zackerina! We then had a quick morning brief where, as per usual, we were told another instalment of Salty’s riveting story. Next up it was the happiest hour of the day! (happy happy happy hour!). To refuel after cleaning we had an early lunch of burgers (the burgers are better at hungry Zac’s!)We’ve been pretty lucky with our voyage, seeing some of the most incredible sights Australia has to offer, but we have to say today was pretty special! We went ashore to Langford island and hiked up a hill (all 300 metres!) to the most spectacular view of blue waters and our beautiful girl the Young Endeavour in the background. After that we had a paddle in the beautiful blue waters, and unfortunately we had a casualty! Ben, one of our fellow reddies, cut his foot on some coral. We thought we might have to amputate for a while, but a bandaid and Zac’s excellent first aid skills fixed him up nice and good. After that, it was back to the ship to refill our water bottles and lather up with sunscreen and then off to a reef for some snorkelling! Honestly, how lucky are we!!It’s not all play and no work on this voyage, so the afternoon saw us continuing our sail education with Tacking (Kenny’s fave) demonstrations. Here, we all took turns up on the bridge seeing how to conduct a Tack or Wear of the ship, getting us ready for command day.Dinner time, chefo Zac served up some delicious tandoori chicken, chops and potatoes with a desert of caramel slice and ice cream! We’re on watch now, so we had better get back to it!So we’ll leave you with this, in the wise words of Rio; It’s time to make mistakes while we’re young!Kara, Aedon and Izzy (Red watch).


20 01 south / 148 49 east


Course:  002 true    Speed:  4 knotsWind:  Easterly at 6 knots    Swell:  Nil   Weather:   Fine