Captain's Log
15 February 2001

Holding the Fort

Our Youth Crew are doing really well so far and are getting into the swing of things. The sailing has been great and we’ve managed to set all but one sail. Early this morning a moderate wind swept over us making our entry into Port Stephens under sail very worthwhile.This afternoon we anchored and the YC went ashore to the shops, some ten pin bowling, busking and a leg stretch (the shops were a short hike away). This evening, courtesy of the rain, we held three way talks in the cafe and the YC will ‘hold the fort’ tonight and be responsible for monitoring the safety of the ship during their watch.Tomorrow we will sail in the forenoon and head south to Broken Bay. The southerly winds will ensure we will be tacking regularly ��� after all, tacks are for free.Youth Crew entry by Stewie. Hello and best wishes to all my family, friends and fellow work colleagues on dry land. I hope that everything is going well and that you all had a great Valentines Day.Our journey so far has been quite an experience. It’s hard to imagine that spending your yearly holiday doing such exhaustive and strenuous work could be so rewarding and self fulfilling. Waking up at 3.45am to do your watch, climbing a 30m mast during 35 knot winds and then experiencing gut-wrenching bouts of seasickness makes you wonder why you choose to spend your holiday on a journey that works you so hard.However, thanks to the support of the very talented staff, crewmates and a growing belief in you own abilities, you are able to push past those hard times and enjoy the excitement and exhilaration that the Young Endeavour journey has to offer.You learn to appreciate the comforts that home has to offer, enjoy the satisfaction of applying your new found knowledge and skills and grow as you learn about yourself and how you handle testing situations.An adventure on the Young Endeavour is truly a journey of a lifetime.So, until next time ��� White team rocks, baby, Yeah! STEWIE, STEWIE, STEWIE.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


32° 42' South / 152° 6'


CO's Log Thursday 15 Feb 01.Current situation at 1800: At Anchor at The Anchorage Resort, Port Stephens. Wind southerly at 15 knots and raining (still, we are at a resort).