Captain's Log
V09/18 Sydney to Sydney
23 April 2018


Ahoy there Shipmates, After a restful night at anchor in Port Hacking, the crew were awoken by Sail Master Guv at 0630 to start the day with a quick deck game. We then dined on another of Zac’s delicious breakfasts prior to the Morning Brief, which included a dramatisation, narrated by Salty and ably assisted by our Staffy actors, depicting the nautical origin of the expression ‘Hijack’. Nanna also paid us a visit, giving the youth crew some more tips on tidying-up after themselves. This led into, as usual, the ‘happiest hour of the day’. At 1000 we held ‘Opposites’ where the elected Youth Crew talked with their opposite number in the Staff Crew. This is aimed at enabling the youthies to get an understanding of the full scope of the duties of each position to enable them to perform better in their role during Command Day.  After lunch my Staff Crew and I got dressed-up in our best holiday outfits and conducted the handover ceremony at which I handed Young Endeavour over to Captain Cassidy and her able-bodied crew to use for Command Day to achieve their tasks and most importantly to have fun! Until tomorrow at 1300 when the adventure of Command Day draws to a close! Yours Aye, Captain Mike ————————————————————————————————–Ahoy there land lubbers, This is the first instalment of two Captain’s logs, which I will be completing as Youth Captain. Command day started with a bang, with the most memorable of hand-overs. All Young Endeavour Staff celebrated the handover and subsequent 24 hour holiday by madly jumping overboard, flying on rope swings and enjoying our anchorage in beautiful Port Hacking. And with that abrupt departure I made my first decision as Youth Captain to open the rope swing to our Youth Crew too. There are two main objectives as part of Command Day. The first is to successfully and safely sail from Port Hacking to Sydney, which is roughly 44 nautical miles away to the North East. Part two is to complete an extensive list of 22 tasks to the best of our ability, over the 24 hour period of Command Day. Already we have completed one of our tasks, which was to lay aloft all 26 members of the Youth Crew on the ship’s foremast; however it’s still early and we have many more of our tasks nearing completion. At 1800 we weighed anchor and began our pilotage from Port Hacking and onward to Sydney, initially sailing on the fore and aft sails south for a few hours. We are now well clear of Port Hacking and have the dim glow of Wollongong on the horizon, and have a full press of sails with the wind full and by 60 degrees on the port tack. Our intentions are to continue with regular watch rotations over the night and fix the ship along our predetermined navigation plan. We will start our day at tomorrow at approximately 0530 nearing Sydney Heads and will duly press on with our task list. Until tomorrowYours Aye  Youth Capt’n Curtis


34 10.0' S / 151 09.0' E


Weather - fine, Wind - 126 / 4 kn, Swell - 0.5m from SSE, Temp: 16 deg. C