Captain's Log
5 December 2000

High on Milo

Command Day ended this morning after the YC successfully sailed the ship to an anchorage – and they made the passage here totally without the use of engines. Well done, team. Only a couple of tacks were required overnight, so we weren’t feeling all that tired this morning. The Beach Assault Team (BAT) went ashore to the nearest beach and achieved a Young Endeavour record – getting 36 people to sing the national anthem with them. Of course they raided a church hall in order to get so many people, but that is beside the point.In the afternoon we had a siesta and the wind started blowing a hooley (a local word meaning very strong wind). We weighed anchor (because it was dragging) and sought refuge alongside a wharf. The ensuing Command Day debrief was very good with a lot of good learning points identified and some hilarious events remembered. Tomorrow we take a group of disadvantaged Australians to sea for a few hours and the YC will be acting as their hosts.Youth Crew Entry by Tim and Peter: We finished Command Day and completed all tasks successfully. Everyone seems to be enjoying the experience, and we expect little sleep (well less than we usually get) as the days remaining dwindle. There is growing sadness as we realise that we must all head our separate ways at the end, but hopefully we will all keep in touch. This afternoon we had a relaxing period, most people chose to catch up on some sleep, the caf� becoming littered with bodies, except for those who got high on Milo (Red Team). Hi to DCC from TF, and to all those at CUB from Pete.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


41° 4' South / 145° 56'


Current Situation at 1800: At anchor, Emu Bay, Burnie. Temp - cold. Atmospheric conditions - very windy.