Captain's Log
11 May 2003


Situation at 20:00During the night watches, in addition to sea furling the square sails, the Youth Crew conducted their mid-voyage talks. I amhappy to report that all hands are having fun and learning new things everyday.At morning brief Salty Sea Dog Loz was up to her usual tricks describing her version of the nautical origins of everyday sayingsand terms. The Youth Crew wished the Ship’s Mom (Engineer Stewy) a happy Mother’s day. He was very pleased but had hoped for a nicebreakfast in bed. His morning haul was pleasingly large and most of the Youth Crew were required to pay the piper in porder to retrieve their gear. Happy Hour today had a special theme- Brasso Day. XO Chooka grinned from ear to ear when he saw how the Ship gleamed. The results of Rope Races are being kept under lock and key, but sufficeit to say that any of the watches are in a position to win the championship.At 13:00 we anchored off Cylinder Beach at the Nor’East tip of North Stradbroke Is. Before long Captain John was delivering thecommand day brief to the Youth Crew in preparation for them taking command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR tomorrow morning. There were lots of questions to answer but the Staff Crew are confident that collectively they have the skills necessary to complete their mission safely. They are to take command at 08:00 Monday and sail the Ship from anchor and arrive at the entrance Beacon to Moreton Bay near Caloundra at 08:00 on Tuesday morning. Along the way they are to complete several tasks that have been set for them. These will require them to use their skills to make decisions so that they don’tjepordise arriving at their destination on time.After the brief, the Youth Crew watched a video of a square- rigger rounding Cape Horn in 1929. This is the only footage of itskind and is amazing to see. At 17:00, the Youth Crew formally announced the results of their command day elections. Captain Shailand his crew will be in anchor watches overnight so they will be able to use the time to plan the details of how they are going to accomplish their mission.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship’s hull is painted ‘Britannia’ blue, the same colour as the former Royal Yacht. She is the only Ship in the world to have been granted permission by Her Majesty the Queen to use this colour scheme. Unfortunately, the coveline is yellow paint, not gold leaf as in Britannia.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Blanketing- When one sail blankets the wind from another.This blanketing can cause back-winding of thesecond sail so that it doesn’t draw properly. Dead-Light- A shutter of wood or metal for sealing a Ship’s scuttles (portholes) and windows against the sea and light.Tought of the Day: He who knows others is learned, he who knows himself is wise. Lao Tsu.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RANHey Mum, Dad, Sandy, Steph, Dave, Sarah, Ben and Briony, Im having a wonderful time and learning lots of new things. Ive tackled a number of challenges and have made some awesome once in a lifetime friends.Can’t wait to see you all soon. love Pen xoxoxo PS: like Mands I thought I should say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MUM. Love you.Hi Mum and Dad,Im having a good time and miss you all heaps.Making heaps of friends.I cant wait to come home and tell you all about it.HAPPYMOTHERS DAY MUM.Love you. See you soon, love always Mandi.xoxoxoxoxoxoxHey everyone, I’m having a great time and can’t believe it’s going so quickly. I’ve achieved so many things that I never thought I could, we’re taking over command of the ship tomorrow which is unbelievableconsidering the short amount of time we’ve been on board. Miss you all lots and Happy Mothers Day Mama. Love you all, Kiera


27°25's / 153°32'e


At anchor off North Stradbroke Is. Wind: Sou'East at 10 knots, Temp:22c, Cloud: 4/8.