Captain's Log
V06/21 Brisbane to Gladstone
24 June 2021

Hervey Bay to Sea

Ahoy Shipmates!
As you all know we’re all having so much fun out here, away from troublesome siblings and house chores. But then again pulling ropes and team coordination ain’t easy. Though on a serious note we are thankful for the experiences aboard Young Endeavour. In the last 24 hours we’ve done a hell of a lot, just like every other day, though we also got some much needed time on solid ground. A beach day on Fraser Island for all the youth crew really seemed to lift spirits and let us forget about the constant rocking and rolling that is life on the sea. We took a speedy and exciting boat ride to the beach and also were lied into the possibility of seeing sting rays. Though it’s ok, maybe someday we’ll forgive Jemma. Upon arriving on shore we found the beach empty, unsurprisingly since it was so early and in the midst of winter. But that didn’t stop us one bit, with many beach games, such as an interesting new version of beach baseball, some very intense bullrush where we got to see fierce rivalries come to light. A failed version of beach volleyball (though we chose to do it in the water…???) and some lucky contenders got to be the net! A fun morning was had by all and we soon returned aboard Young Endeavour for lunch and to prepare to set our sails once again. I hope it’s been mentioned in other Captain’s Logs but our Chef Adam might be the best cook of the seven seas and has consistently surprised and excited us at every meal, and for this we are eternally grateful.
Soon after lunch it was time to start our daily ‘Ropies’ competition, where as a very unbiased writer I can say Red Watch did exceptionally well, as always. Starting with some intense yelling and successful rounds, they pulled through dozens of points. Also finishing the competition with a dry milo eating contest where they were the only ones not to cheat. Though this most definitely did upset White Watch, as usual, who have an embarrassing ego (eek!), and proceeded to even lose points because of such. So with ‘Ropies’ finished (for now….) we proceeded to set sail, to a course us youthies are definitely certain about and a plan we are ‘entirely’ confident in.
We have started preparation to set sails and coordinate ourselves without our watch leaders, and for some this has built confidence though for the most part has made us fear for Command Day, the day we take charge ourselves. With talk of the potential positions we might undertake there are some great candidates that have started to speak up, so not all hope is lost yet. Captain Mike even helped us to further understand sail theory, telling us the how’s and why’s of the sails we set and the courses we take and explained some additional terminology alongside parts of the ship and sails we were most certainly unaware of. Though I won’t deny we’ve been constantly distracted throughout the day by the calls of ‘dolphins!’ only to rush to the side and be met by a usually disappointing empty sea. Though a few sightings did lift our spirits if for a brief moment. And unfortunately I must mention the constant push from our sail master to have a mention in the Captain’s Log, so here Rio, you owe us one.

Signed, yours truly
Cyrus Goulter & Samara Fogarty


Thank you Cyrus and Samara for your very entertaining narrative of today’s activities. We had planned to conduct some more tacking practice during our transit out of Hervey Bay this afternoon but a total lack of wind put pay to that. We have rescheduled that for tomorrow morning before we anchor at Lady Musgrave Island. Tonight the Youth Crew, during their sea watches, will conduct a team-building and leadership activity and undertake their final sail setting and furling practice, prior to tomorrow morning’s Captain’s Setting and Furling assessment.

Until tomorrow night, Yours Aye, Captain Mike


24 37.4' S / 152 49.9' E


Wind: ENE / 11 Kn, Sea 0.5 m, Swell from the East at 1.0 m Weather: overcast with occasional showers Temp: 16 deg C