Captain's Log
4 September 2012


Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day five, overnight the ship remained at anchor in scenic Platypus Bay on the western shore of Fraser Island. The morning commenced at 0630 with Sail Master Jordo energising the Staff and Youth Crew with an invigorating early morning swim for all those keen adventurers accepting the challenge to swing from the course yard arm rope or dive from the bowsprit into the clear waters of the bay.After morning brief and ‘happy hour’ the ship weighed anchor and proceeded north across Hervey Bay. Unfortunately the wind failed to increase greater then five knots resulting in Hervey Bay with a mirror like surface which assisted with spotting the abundant marine life ranging from dolphins to turtles. As the ship motor sailed across the bay Watch Officer Mike presented a lesson on the maritime ‘Rules of the Road’, an important component of safely navigating the ship to avoid colliding with other vessels or running aground by correctly identifying various lights, shapes and navigation markers.An attempt to collectively conjure up the wind resulted in only heavy precipitation on the ships upper deck whilst an attempt to save an egg jumping from the lower top culminated in only a one in three success rate.Another magnificent dinner from Master Chef Sqizz and his three apprentices was provided to the backdrop of a spectacular sunset. Overnight the Youth Crew will continue to consolidate deck work, helming, engineering rounds and navigation be challenged with a teamwork and leadership exercise as the ship continues to make ground to the north towards into the Inner Great Barrier Reef. It was also rewarding to observe that collectively the Youth Crew had been awarded their sea legs whilst at anchor in Platypus Bay.Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Damien


24°26's / 152°51'e


2200 at sea - weather clear skies, wind ESE 5 knots, swell nil, temperature 26 degrees, barometer 1018 hpa