Captain's Log
21 February 2003

Here Ends the Voyage

Situation at 1630 – The final day for this voyage began with our usual early morning wake up call from Red Watch. All hands were quickly given ascourer and some warm soapy water, to get the ship ready for the days activities. With some loud music and with everyone taking a real sense of pride in their work a rust scrub was conducted on the upper decks. This was followed with a nice breakfast and a shower before the ritualistic Morning Brief.Following morning brief a quick clean of the internals was conducted and then all members of the YC donned their polo shirts and set about welcoming our Half Day Sail guests onboard. This voyage the guests were drawn from the Mersy Heights Special School, andcontacined many intellectually disabled youths. At 1000 we sailed from Burnie and proceeded out of the harbour before setting sail. The YC took the opportunity to show off their new found home to their guests and took great pride in showing everyone how much they had learned in such a short space of time.At 1300 we arrived back at Burnie Harbour and berthed the Ship. It was then time to say a sad farewell to our guests. Many ofthe YC had taken a real shine to our guests, and really enjoyed the opporunity to show them about the Ship. After our guests had departed however there was still plenty to do. The YC went straight into theirEnd of Voyage Debrief, whilst the SC layed aloft to harbour furl the sails.At 1600 all members of the YC were piped to Midships where the voyage had begun five long days ago. With all presentations madeand farewells said it was time for the YC of V04/03 to depart. They leave the Ship, with what I hope has been a once in a lifetimeexperience under their belts and with many new skills to take back with them into their lives. I wish them all the very best forthe future, and certainly look forward to seeing them in the future should we pass by their home towns.I would like to say thank you to Captain John for providing me with another opportunity for experiencing Command at Sea. A really big thank you also goes to all of the Staff Crew who so ably supported me throughout the voyage. You guys continue to amaze me every voyage with with your ability to provide such a wonderful experience for the Youth of Australia. Finally to my wife Shell and son Tristan, thank you for being so supportive and understanding, with my being away so much. Love you guys heaps and look forward to seeing you again in April.Thought of the Day:’Man strives for glory, honour, fame, so that all the world may know his name. Amasses wealth by brain and hand. Becomesa power in the land. But when he nears the end of life and looks back over the years of strife. He finds that happiness depends on none of these but the love of friends.’- AnonHere Ends The Voyage,Paul Barrie, RANLieutenantActing Commanding Officer


41° 3' South / 145° 55' East


Alongside Burnie No7 Berth . Wind from the Nor'East @ 30 kts.