Captain's Log
14 November 2000

Heads Up!

Overnight weather conditions deteriorated and by this morning a 35 knot easterly wind blew driving rain at us for most of the day. Conditions on deck were, and still are, quite unpleasant. Despite this the Youth Crew were great to work with and we all got through setting and furling drills within the harbour. With a 6 metre swell knocking at the harbour entrance we decided to stay indoors (well��_ at anchor for the night). As usual Tuesday was a huge day and we are all tired from the physical and mental exertion.Tomorrow we will sail from Sydney and head towards Jervis Bay. Despite the lack of real ‘at sea’ sailing so far Youth Crew spirits are high and we are all very keen to get going and journey south.Even if the winds are strong they will move us in the right direction.Youth Crew entry by Kristie Connell, 23, of South West Rocks: Day two for most of the Youth Crew entailed an exciting but also at times frightening climb to the very top of the mast. The climbs to the top of the mast were motivating experiences which encouraged each of us to have faith and trust in our watch friends and Leaders. The conditions for this exercise were conducted throughout the night ��� a 4 am climb with howling winds with torrential rain.Future voyages will need to learn the meaning of ‘heads up’ as we learnt the hard way – Tanya I hope you are feeling better soon.Speak tomorrow…Andrew Davis


33° 51' South / 151° 16'


Current situation at 1800: At anchor Hermit Point, Rose Bay, Sydney. Weather - cold, wet and windy.