Captain's Log
26 October 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,The YC were awaken and on deck this morning at 0630 to witness a beautiful Twofold Bay morning. Following our first Early Morning Activity (EMA) and breakfast, the YC were introduced to the ceremony of colours (raise flags and sing National Anthem) before turning to their first set of cleaning stations (Happy Hour). Once the Ship was clean Captain Safety (Bel the Bosun) provided an entertaining presentation on all of the safety equipment held onboard. To finish of the morning activities the Watch Leaders progressed with some more deck safety which was followed by another great lunch. The anchor was weighed at 1300 and the ship proceeded out of Twofold Bay into a very light north easterly breeze and a very confused swell. Given these conditions I decided to set a full press of fore and aft sails and with the assistance of main engines commence our passage south. Under the guidance of their Watch Leaders, the YC spent the rest of the afternoon conducting setting and furling drills and learning the intricacies of tall ship sailing. Despite numerous cases of seasickness by late afternoon the new YC had managed to set and furl most sails and complete their first set of tacks as a crew. By early evening we had passed Cape Green and much to the relief of the YC the weather conditions have improved. Tonight the YC will settle into their first night of watches at sea and we will continue to make good ground to the south.Highlights for today:1. Departing Twofold Bay2. Setting sail and tacking the ship3. Sightings of numerous whales and dolphins4. Celebrating Mitch’s 19th Birthday (thanks for the cake Ange)Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavPlease find below Captains Log Entry from Youth Crew member SarahDay 2.. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Its 1930 and my white team are on our first watch. We’ve learnt to steer the ship and bring down a sail to med a rip. We crossed the NSW, VIC border about 1900 with an amazing sunset and sights of whales, dolphins and seals. I’ve never felt so much more in heaven. While we sit and steer south I reminisce�After absolutely zero sleep and a few extra bruises from the jerky beds I got up at 0545. The only sole on top deck I got to watch a rather overcast sunrise until everyone else was awoken by Jazz’s morning wake up call. Completely sleep deprived I still managed to do our morning walk around the ship. I felt privileged to be the first youth to raise the Aussie flag for the national anthem. That feeling made the journey feel even more special.The highs on this journey certainly out weigh the lows. I already had tears on the first night that came from little frustrations with my own tolerance to confined spaces and people in my personal space. After a talk with my leader I felt much better. Trust me there is no where to get away from anyone on this ship. Success, success, success�touch wood, I haven’t had to re-see my food yet. But have unfortunately seen the contents of other peoples stomachs. Yum! The highs�the youthies, the laughs, the crew, the scenery, and the sheer joy of actually standing on this amazing craft.The crew on board are so much fun and supportive with amazing stories to tell. So life on here never gets boring. The terminology they use on this ship is like a completely new language. Its quite hard to follow instructions when I don’t really know what they are saying. So I feel a lot of frustration that its not all sinking in.The youth crew have been amazing. While most trying to overcome their own fears they are still very supportive of each other. I can definitely see lasting friendships forming already.I dread the thought of going back to bed but hopefully I will get a bit more zzzzzzz’s this time. Next wake up 0345. Good night all.Sarah Dalton 


37°43's / 149°59'e


Currently 5nm to the SE of Gabo Is and experiencing light NE winds with a 2m NE swell