Captain's Log
3 October 2010


Hi Everyone,Overnight we remained safely at anchor whilst the cold front passed over southern Tasmania. The Youth Crew continued to keep watches throughout the night and we have managed to keep the training program right on track.By morning brief the wind had moderated to 15kts and short periods of sunshine were experienced. We decided to remain at anchor for an extra hour so that cleaning stations (happy hour) could be completed and also to give us stable conditions for two of our Staff Crew to participate in the “Great Shave” charity event. Taffy and Adam (our resident ranga’s) had both agreed to have their heads and beards shaved for this very worthwhile cause.With both Staff clean shaven the anchor was weighed and Young Endeavour departed Port Cygnet and made her way back into the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. Once in open water sail was set and we continued our southern passage through this very picturesque waterway.On exiting the D’Entrecasteaux Channel we were greeted by a rather large 4m swell and strong 20-25kt winds. We immediately shaped a course to the east, rounded Bruney Island and commenced our passage north.One of the highlights of the day was the sighting of a huge pod of dolphins that came to have a close look at us then quickly disappeared as they continued their journey south.Overnight the Youth Crew will settle into their watches and learn some new mariner skills as we continue to make good speed up the east coast of Tasmania.At the moment we are located 15nm to the south west of Tasman Island sailing under a reduced sail plan and making a respectable speed of 6kts.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav    


43°24's / 147°23'e


Currently located 15nm to the SW of Tasman Island and experiencing moderate to strong SW winds with a 4m following sea