Captain's Log
27 December 2000

Heading for Bass Strait

1800hToday started off quite nice but as the day progressed the wind strengthened and it’s now at 30 knots. We are still a favourite to win and there will have to be room for 35 on the podium in Hobart! The YC are enjoying it – they are going crazy on the inside but are warming to the idea of a few days of hard sailing ahead. Tomorrow we shall enter Bass Strait – the wind conditions will probably remain the same. We haven’t seen too many yachts – I guess we should start looking behind us.Youth Crew entry by Marisa Favot, 23, Brisbane:Today I lost my trousers. Do NOT trust Young Endeavour wet weather gear, the elastic doesn’t work (either that or I didn’t put them on properly). We are due to hit the Bass Strait at about 4am tomorrow (Thursday) and are told that conditions will worsen. This can’t be possible, as everyone has already been seasick. Still the voyage so far has been heaps of fun, a real challenge, and mostly pleasant weather. The wackiness of the Staff Crew has been an inspiration, and the Youth Crew are a fantastic bunch of people hailing from all across Australia. We are a pretty diverse bunch, but we all get along really well, and all have the same thing in mind on New Year’s Eve…..PARTY.To anyone who has even the slightest inclination of applying for a voyage on Young Endeavour…..DO IT. I thought the first voyage would be hard to beat, but this one definately tops it. Anyway, here’s to smooth sailing and making the most out of life.Speak tomorrow,Andrew Davis


36° 37' South / 150° 11'


Off Merimbula, amongst the race fleet.Temp: cold and really windy.