Captain's Log
25 January 2008


Hello to all yet again, from Sandra, Gemma and Jemima! We are currantly preparing for the Young Endeavour’s Birthday Party. However, much has transpired since the last entry. Command day concluded with minimal wind resulting in difficult sailing, an amazing team effort and a birthday/ farwell party for Chris. We are however very good at bribes resulting in our early arrival at our destination point, allowing us time to make a hammock to hold all crew and staffies. Massive thank you to captains Arjun and Aleks, Xo’s Emma and Austin, Nav’s Ally, Vince, Lloyd and Gemma, Watch Leaders Sandra, Matt and Kodi and the chefs RAchel, Lochie and Jemima. After a debrief and BBQ dinner on deck we headed into Darling Harbour for a rehearsal for Australia Day! (YAY!) then back to our anchorage at the base of the harbour bridge. All Hands were on deck for a full cleaning morning followed by a rehearsal for tonights party. Mums and dads out there (or anyone else from Narrabri) keep an eye out for channel 7 news and someone please tape it as we are featured. Also please watch us on tv on Australia day too!!I like the cut of your jib!Gemma, Sandra and Jemima!


33° 52' South / 151° 13' East


Cloudy, warm, and cool