Captain's Log
28 February 2003

Happy Birthday Annie

Situation at 22:00- The anchorage in Sea Elephant Bay last night provided all hands with the chance to have a well earned rest. The Ship was wellprotected from the wind and did not have to deal with the large surge that was present in Grassy Harbour.Today’s activities started off at 06:30 when Boatswain Dutchy and some helpers called for all hands to join them on deck for a light jog and some group participation games. A very vocal rendition of Happy Birthday marked Annie’s 22nd after which the Youth Crew scurried below for a warming shower and some breakfast. At 08:00 the hoisting of the colours and the singing of the national marked the start of morning brief. Because it was her birthday, the Salty Sea Dog agreed to Annie’s request for an explaination of the pharase two- six heave. The result was very colourful and had quite an international flair to it. Happy hour and morning brief were the next two activities on the schedule.The Red watch were victorious in today’s set of Rope Races. With only two sets left, it is looking like a photo finish may beneeded. Captain John delivered a lecture on the theory of sailing. It was plain to see the lightbulb come on in several faces as different concepts were first explained and then demonstrated through the Youth Crew role playing the part of the various sails. At 11:00 the Ship sailed from her anchorage and shaped a course Northwards along theEast coast of King Island.There was a fair wind blowing from the West and YOUNG ENDEAVOUR made good nine knots. After lunch, XO Lolli took the Youth Crew through a communications exercise. This proved to be very effective in showing the importance of thinking outside the square when groups are forced to communicate through different mediums.In order to practically demonstrate the sailing conceptstheoretically learned during the forenoon, a series of tacks was conducted with members of the Youth Crew understudying the Captainand XO. The last event of the afternoon was the showing of a video of a three-masted Barque rounding Cape Horn in 1929. This amazing footage showed the Youth Crew the importance of teamwork in a way that is very pertinent to their present experiences.We are shaping a course across Bass Strait but will need to tack at midnight in order to weather Cape Otway. On watch tonight theYouth Crew will be challenged by a teamwork exercise designed to highlight the need for clear communication and tolerance of oneanother. As we head towards Portland the challenge of command day is starting to loom on the horizon, and the next few days will likely be very busy for the Youth Crew and Staff Crew alike.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is fitted with VHF and MF/HF radio communications as well as satellite data and voice communications systems. These allow for the Ship to be in touch with authorities ashore twenty four hours a day. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is also capable of receiving and transmitting position and other informationwith the Global Maritime Distress Signalling System (GMDSS).YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: HF Radio: High Frequency radio (in the marine band of 4-25 MHz) which basically equates with longdistance communications (localv to across the world). VHF Radio: Very High Frequency Radio (in the marine band of 156-162 MHz) which generally equates to line-of-sight communications (up to 30 nautical miles).Thought of the Day: There are three ways of trying to win the young. There is persuasion, there is compulsion and there isattraction. You can preach at them, that is a hook without a worm.You can say ‘You must volunteer’. That is of the devil. And you cantell them, You are needed’. That hardly ever fails. Kurt Hahn.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


39° 3' South / 143° 52' East


At sea under five sails. Wind: Sou'West at 25 kts, Temp: 14c, Cloud: 2/8, SeaState:4.