Captain's Log
17 February 2009

Happy Birthday Alex

Hi its YC Kate Collins here; day seven began with a most appreciated change to the weather, today saw the engines being turned off to do some real ���full and by�� sailing. The Young Endeavour travelled around 120 miles over night and the sunrise was viewed just outside the entrance to Jervis Bay (��_some discussion was required to convince a particular member of the youth crew that it is pronounced JARvis Bay, even after claiming she had lived near there during her life). During the night each of the three watch teams practised some problem solving and basic sailing drills through the setting the storm jib. After breakfast we performed many tacking drills to sail into Jervis Bay circling a number of navel ships including Captain Gunnas previous ship HMAS Manoora.Today final tests were performed for the captain in preparation for Command Day, where each watch (red, white and blue) furled and set various sails in the Bay. Each of the teams passed and the Youth Crew were briefed on the responsibilities for the following day ��� 18th of February. For recreational purposes after lunch the Youth Crew spent their time ashore on Honeymoon Bay ��� a navel firing range closed to the public during certain times of the year. The water may have been cold but it did not stop the crew from diving in, doing flips and happily splashing others. In the true tradition of the wonderful food on the voyage, the Youth Crew enjoyed cake and danish before returning to the ship for the second barbeque of the trip; the barbeque joining in for the celebration of Alexs 19th birthday. To conclude the evening the Youth Crew had the task of electing positions for the next day, Command Day! Twenty four youth crew managed to elect and allocate positions in a civil manner and the new watch groups have been renamed, the names being influenced by our lessons in ���Pirate-atude�� resulting in the English, Spanish and the French watches. With all fingers crossed the Youth Crew prepare tonight to take command of the ship on Wednesday morning ��� wish us luck! Over and out, Kate Collins (Youth Crew Voyage 3A/09) Rachael sends out a shout to her folks in the Beef city. Lovin this cruise.Kate C,Happy 14th Birthday to my little brother Shaun, I hope that you havent got too much taller than me since I saw you last. Xx The real Captain here. Good words from Kate C above. Today was a ripper and it looks like the YC have selected a good team to lead them to success in their command day. You will hear from Captains Paul and Jez over the next two days. Cheers for now Andrew (Gunna) Rourke Commanding Officer Carpe Diem


35° 3' South / 150° 46' East


At anchor Honeymoon Bay, Jervis Bay, Wind 180 / 8 kts, Rain