Captain's Log
29 December 2000

Hangin’ 10 in 60

1800 hWell, wasn’t this day eventful. When we went to bed last night the seas had calmed and we were making straight for Hobart. At 0300 this morning a new intense low had developed in an existing low pressure system and threw 60 knot winds at us for about 6 hours. We had to steer downwind and consequently lost a lot of distance. The seas were 8 to 10 metres and most of the time Young Endeavour was surfing down some big ones (we got no tube time though) as we set some storm sails. So far this voyage we have damaged two staysails and incurred some other small damage but we are fine. Everyone has been hangin’ ten and coping and the ship is handling the mountainous seas very well.The seas are calming again but the forecast is for another weather front to smack us. We are hopeful of reaching Hobart by Sunday. The planets are lining up. We haven’t won the Race but are hopeful (again) for a place in the top ten. Youth Crew entry by Lucinda Altuna, 20, of Oakville, NSW:G’day all! Well, where should I start? I’ll begin with the fish feeding for the first two days, I was seriously considering a helicopter pick up to get me out of here. But now all is well and the fish feeding is no more, THANK GOD! Everybody’s having a GREAT time and the dance moves that white watch are learning whilst on watch are going to look mighty interesting New Years Eve at the dance clubs. I have to say a big thank you to everybody in White Watch, especially to Donny, for helping me and pushing me through the initial rough patches of sea. Thank you guys ! Well the 8-10 metre waves and 60 knot winds are now becoming the norm and everybody is coping as well as they can. Taking a shower is a challenge that’s for sure, also trying to stay in your bunk! Trav everybody’s! I can’t forget V12/00, AKA Whitsunday Cruise. Guys, if you want to experience wind, this is most definitely the voyage to go on. Poor old Ducky, the ship tried to wash him overboard, luckily for us she didn’t succeed. Who else are we going to make fun of? Kidding! Anyway, that’s it from me. We’re all having a ball and can’t wait for New Year’s in Hobart! See you all next year.Speak tomorrow,Andrew Davis


40° 26' South / 129° 45'


Off St Helens, Tasmania. Wind Sou'west at 20 knots (down from 60 knots) Temp - getting colder.