Captain's Log
20 August 2011

Handing over Command …

Now, where were those life jackets stowed? At 1:00 p-m today we are handing over command of the Ship to the Youth Crew. The Youth Crew have been given a number of tasks to complete and of course some navigational challenges. The wind and consequently the sea have started to pick up so I expect a few bumps once we get going later this afternoon but all will be quiet again by the early hours of tomorrow morning as we go with the weather and then enter Moreton Bay. Basically we are going to be doing a triangle course between Mooloolaba, Cape Moreton and Caloundra. We will be at Caloundra at around 10:00 am tomorrow.The sort of tasks the Youth Crew will be completing inculde rowing one of the boats into the shore here at Mooloolaba (picture a gorgeous day) and then get as many people as they can to sing the national anthem and \’claim\’ their piece of land for the Youth of Australia. Climbing, tie knots, build a hamock, sing songs and navigate … oh, and dsail the Ship. That\’s what the Youth Crew will be doing. I will be nervously pretending to sleep!I\’ll let Captain Mitch and the Crew update you as we go.Until later …Yak (Voyage Captain)


26° 40' South / 153° 7' East


Air temperature 20 degrees, wind south east at 15 knots, barometer 1019 Hpa Steady. A beautiful day on the boat ... a painted Ship on a painted sea. Lots of the locals out for a rubber neck so we get to see lots of people. A lady paddling past this morning who had been a Youth Crew member 22 years ago - fantastic!