Captain's Log
29 March 2010

Handing back command

Good evening everyone,The Youth Crew handed back command of the Ship this afternoon \’as we sailed into Sydney Harbour\’ (make a good line in a song I reckon) and came to anchor in Athol Bay just near Taronga Park zoo. As I type James Packer\’s new toy, a magnificent 80-odd foot motor yacht has anchored next to us – not sure if he is on board.After a hearty dinner I talked with the Youth Crew about leadership, teamwork and the like before breaking into groups and drawing out lessons from Command Day. We will present all those shortly and then for an early night I think. We have a busy day ahead of us.Of note it is great to be back in the warmth but am concerned for the continued \’hiding\’, at my expense, of bananas and pineapples. I opened my curtain only to find a pineapple rigged up with ropes and pulleys swinging down at me! I avoided contact but have vowed to find the culprit. I planted some comments among the staff initially but when I didn\’t get a response I cast the net wider and found some element of knowledge amongst the Youth Crew. Investigations continue …Dave Jordan (Yak)Voyage Captain


33° 51' South / 151° 14' East


Balmy evening with a threatening storm. Wind light and variable.