Captain's Log
9 March 2011


Ahoy there everyone, A well deserved nights rest at anchor was had by all. I guarantee everyone onboard slept very soundly and for good reason, most were exhausted from Command Day. The ship weighed anchor at 0500 and conducted a transit from Tangalooma to berth at Bulimba Naval Wharf. At 0930 we embarked 35 guests including the Liberal Senator for Queensland the Honourable George Brandis. The majority of guests were associated with the Queensland Leukaemia Foundation whom were hosted by the Youth Crew for a three hour sail along The Brisbane River in fine weather before the ship returned back alongside Bulimba Naval Wharf and our guests were farewelled. The Youth Crew then conducted end of voyage talks before climbing aloft and placing neat harbour furls in all the square sails.After a fantastic pizza night the evening culminated with the Youth Crew presenting a slide show and story, capturing various memorable moments and experiences during the voyage. This gave everyone the opportunity to reflect on the past 10 days and their amazing once in a life time journey. The remainder of the evening was spent completing end of voyage questionnaires and letters to themselves, which are returned to each Youth Crew member six months after voyage completion.The ship will depart Bulimba Naval Wharf early tomorrow morning for a final passage along the Brisbane River with the Youth Crew manning the yards before returning for a scheduled 1000 final berthing and an emotional farewell to our young adventurers.Until then it has been an honour and privilege to sail with the Youth and Staff Crew of Voyage 14/11. I wish them all the best for their future endeavours.Happy Fathers Day for the 4th September 2011. Listed below are some of the crew member’s messages for their special Fathers.For the final time.Yours AyeCaptain Damien  Young Endeavour Voyage 14/11 Fathers Day MessagesFrom: Captain DamienHello Dad, Hope you are having a fantastic Fathers Day, thinking of you always but even more so on your special day. Love and respect always, Damien.From: JoshDad, I’ll see you tomorrow. You haven’t been forgotten this year. Happy Father’s day.PS. I was Nav.From: Candice!Seeing you tomorrow Bradley! Happy fathers day, I love you.From: JaysonHappy Father’s Day Mal!Bring your camera! See you Sunday….From: Matt!Happy Fathers Day Dad! Hope my cars clean and you remembered to get it serviced!!From: DeclanHappy fathers day dad by the way I didn’t get you anything I have been at seaFrom: Timtam (Tamara)Happy fathers day dada I got you the best present…. You get to pick me upLove you dada happy fathers day cant wait to see you xoxoFrom: Nic KirkaldyHappy fathers day dad! Hope your having a good time today, but mostly I hope you can read this.Mum and I will have to get you something later.From: BillyHey dad…That’s all.From: MaddyHappy Fathers’ Day! I’ve given you the best present…a day without me! I’d make you a cake, but after spending the last few days in the kitchen helping prepare meals for the crew, I’m really sick of cooking! See you soon.Lots of love, MaddyFrom: MichelleTo my dearest Father, Wishing you the happiest possible Father’s Day!!! Remember I am thinking of you on this special day and am sending a huge hug to you!!!! I love you lots!!! Love and thoughts are with you today and always.All my love always!!! Michelle xoxoxoxFrom: LyndalHeyyy Daddy, I miss you can’t wait to be home soon. Bet you miss me haha! The sea is amazing I can defiantly tell why you love it so much. I love you soo much and I hope you have a great Fathers Day and get to do everything you want for the day. Hope the boys are being nice  Lots of love your long lost daughter (lyndal) xoxoxoFrom: CassieHey Dad, I hope you have a lovely Father’s Day. I’ll see you at some point I guess. I love youFrom: KyleeDad! As quoted by our infamous sail master Joel, sorry I didn’t get you a present, I was at sea!! Hope you have a great Father’s day and can’t wait to see you! Kylee xxooFrom SeanHello dad. I hope your having a good fathers day. I’ll be seeing you extremely soon. Love you heaps. Im having a good one if you were wonderingFrom SeanFrom: AmeliaHey Dad,I usually forget Fathers Day so I hope this makes up for all the ones I have missed and I’m yet to miss. You’re the best Dad in the world, love you so much. Thanks for always being there for me no matter what, you’re my hero.Love, your little girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFrom: WilliamHey Dad.Just want to say I was thinking of you all trip on this amazing boat, wishing you could have been here to sail to Fraser Island and back with me and thinking of all your advice when I took over the ship as the captain during youth command day. I wish you all the best on your special day for fathers and hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.Lots of love,Will xo.From JBHi Dad looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.From LiamHey Dad.Just want to wish you a very happy Fathers Day, Wish I could be there to spend Your day with you but I wont see you until late.Hope your day is amazing!Lots of LoveLiam xoxoFrom TashSup DadHappy Fathers Day. Miss you heaps. Hope the island isn’t missing me too muchSee you when I get homeLots of LoveTash xxp.s. JB says heyFrom FranDad. Happy Fathers Day, I didn’t get you anything this year, “I was at sea” seems to be an adequate excuse ;). See you tomorrow/today when you might read this!Love, your favourite daughter, FranFrom JakeHey Dad. You were right, I did get sick but I don’t care. I still got s#*t done and never backed down from a task. Btw happy Fathers Day.


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2300 alongside Bulimba Barracks wharf - weather passing showers, wind SE 4 knots, swell nil, temperature 16 degrees, baromater 1027 hpa