Captain's Log
8 October 2012


Ahoy there,Well what a day, after a nice quite night the Youth Crew were awoken at 0630 by Sail Master Tim and from that point on I don’t think it slowed down one iota. After breakfast and a snappy morning brief the Youth Crew went below to start preparing the ship for our guests that we were hosting today from a disability group called parent 2 parent. While the Youthies were cleaning the staff weighed anchor and got the ship underway. Soon enough the ship was ready in all respects to come alongside and as we rounded the bend leading up to the berth we were shocked to see our berth filled by another vessel. With some rapid planning on the fly we soon reset for a starboard alongside and made a safe approach.Once alongside the Youth Crew kicked into overdrive with the final preparation for receiving our guests. It was at 0930 that our very excited passengers embarked for a great little sail around the bay. With everyone onboard and the safety briefs completed we cast of the bow lines once more and headed into the harbour. We were very lucky to be able to show off our fine navigation and sail handling skills to all onboard and a few of the harbour control people watching on the cameras/After a very satisfying day out sailing it was with great reluctance that I had to bring the ship back alongside and disembark our guests for the day. They all left with massive grins on their faces and there were quite a few handshakes and hi fives to be had. It was great honour to have such a fine bunch of Young Australians visit the ship and have a sail. Once our guests were ashore there was a brief opportunity to grant some shore leave to the Youth Crew so they could have a chat with their Watch Leaders about the voyage. After this debriefing session an impromptu game of soccer sprung up and it was with great difficulty that the Sail Master managed to convince the Youth Crew to come back onboard (apparently the winning goal was never scored).Once the last Youth Crew Member was back onboard the final round of rope races was held and the prize announced (I wish I could tell you but it’s a secret). Then the Youth Crew proceeded aloft to harbour furl the squares and make the ship a little more ship shape and Bristol fashion.We had a BBQ dinner followed by the post voyage admin which culminated in a slideshow of a bunch of photos from the voyage accompanied by an outstanding sound track. It was a great way to round out the night and sum up the voyage.A very tired Youth Crew has turned in for the last night onboard Young Endeavour and I think its time I did the same. It will be an early morning tomorrow morning and already half the night has gone by.Until tomorrowCAPT Matt How do I get on an adventure? Just put on your boots and go! Bill Tillman when responding to a question from an army cadet Ps. Sorry for the late post its been a busy night


23°49's / 151°14'e


Wind: SE 15ktsSwell: NilTemp: 15 Degrees