Captain's Log
11 July 2007


It’s our last full day aboard the Young Endeavour and it’s almost time for the final harrah but there was still one day of activity ahead of us. As usual when at anchor we were woken at 6.30 by a melody blasting from the speakers to shake us from our slumber. This mornings rendition was sung by Pete, our fearless XO. After sleelpily climbing the ladder out of our berth we were awakened by the realisation that it was time to scrub the decks and polish the brass for today was the day we could show our colours to those that had not been part of our trip.After taking on some supplies for lunch (mmmm doughnuts) our guests arrived. Students from nearbye schools joined us for a half day sail so that they could get a taste of what it was like to be part of The Young Endeavour crew. The first night I was on this ship I had volunteered to be the first to climb to the topgallant yard and then halfway up began to shake as I realised how high I was about to climb and sit above the water.This morning I volunteered again to go up and take the gaskets off the topsail and this time I did it, knowing exactly what I was getting myself into and I did it with confidence and loved every second. It was a bit of a rush to see our guests pointing up at the hight that three of my crew members and I climbed, knowing that some of them were surprised that we could do it, but we did and we loved it.As we showed our guests how to set and furl sails and taught some of the eager ones how to put on turns we all realised just how far we had come. Nine days ago we had stepped onto the Young Endeavour, most of us knowing nothing about sailing and now we were showing others how to handle a tall ship.After our guests left the ship we took on stores for the following voyage and prepared for a delicious seafood barbeque and the evenings concert which was full of high jinx and laughter from both crew and staffies. Most nights we have been eager to get to bed so that we are not tired for the following day but tonight it will be with reluctance that we all turn in, for tonight is the final night to spend with all our new found friends, many that will last well beyond the voyage. I know that my watch in particular would like to give a special shout out to our watch leader Hibbo who helped make it the trip it was. For me, this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I would like to thank all the crew and staffies for making it the journey that it was.Cheers for now,Claire Malyon


16°56's / 145°46'e


Winds: South Easterly 10-15 kts Partly cloudy