Captain's Log
12 December 2000

Green Waves and Green Looks

After little sleep, where, overnight the Youth Crew did some more climbing in preparation for doing it at sea, we left the wharf this morning and headed northwards. The initial thrill of pounding through the green waves soon gave way to lots of green looks and the afternoon’s setting and furling drills were continued in some trying conditions.Nevertheless, the Youth Crew stuck it out and those that had their sea legs helped out those who were under the weather. Our busiest and most trying day of the voyage completed around 5pm with two successful tacks – the Youth Crew proving to me they know what to do if we need to alter course.Today’s challenges have been overcoming tiredness, seasickness and learning a whole lot of new things. We will spend tonight at sea and head for Refuge Cove on Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria, for a brief visit. The Youth Crew have still plenty to learn and tonight they will continue the process of getting to know the ship, their shipmates and themselves in their watches overnight.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


40° 8' South / 146° 37'


Current situation at 1800: Crossing Bass Strait. Wind westerly at 25 knots. Swell 3 metres. Temp 18C.