Captain's Log
V12/18 Brisbane to Mackay
7 November 2018

Great Keppel Island

Salutations from Great Keppel Island,After a pleasant transit under sail and Youth Crew successfully completing the ‘Bearex’ activity during their watches overnight, we arrived at the beautiful GKI. With clearing skies and easing winds the gang headed ashore with instructions to hug a tree…a sure-fire cure for sea sickness! Judging by the smiles on their faces I’m fairly certain they enjoyed themselves, but I feel that Ellen and Jordo can tell you all about the day far more eloquently than I…so I’ll hand you over to them.Take care of each other,Captain Kenny Tonight we (Jordo and Ellen) are writing from the stunning Keppel Island Group – home of the Woppanburra tribe. The pristine Woppanburra lands were a delight today- crystal clear waters, islands all around and a very welcome stop in at the Great Keppel Island resort including ice creams, chips and drinks (softies of course) all round. The crew spent this afternoon on deck outperforming each other in a competitive Captain’s challenge (placing  a marker furthest from the line using only one hand past the line, and move back behind the line in a single motion), but the winner was crew member Kyle. A delicious ‘Teak-deck BBQ’ dinner rounded off the day’s busy schedule.  Today we brought NAIDOC week to the ship, with a heartfelt sunset ceremony, bringing us all closer to each other.  The ship was proudly flying the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags from the foremast yards as is the mariner tradition whilst at anchor. We were lucky enough to have a few of the crew share inspiring yarns about their experiences ; Sail Master Harry provided an enlightening speech about the contribution of indigenous women in the Australian society at large under the theme ‘because of her, we can’, and Chef Zach gave a special ‘welcome to country’. Zach’s totem is the humpback whale, and he tells the story of the humpback whales’ blowing water into the air bringing rains, life and food to the Woppanburra tribe. Youthie Mohamed shared a pertinent insight into how we can all work towards cultural understanding and breaking down the barriers of discrimination, and celebrating difference in society. This is our first day and night at anchor since leaving Brisbane, which means Youthies (all who have just been briefed on anchor watch procedures) are on watches to keep us safe all through the night. Tomorrow we will set sail further north towards the Percy Islands Group; more adventures await us…..


23 09 south / 150 56 east


Course:  At anchor    Speed:  0Wind:  ESE at 8 knots    Swell:  Nil    Weather:   Fine