Captain's Log
24 May 2003

Gotta Go Set Sails Now…

Situation at 20:00- Overnight the Youth Crew completed the ‘Bear’ exercise which challenges them to complete a relatively complex task in a smallgroup. Some valuable lessons in teamwork, tolerance and effective communications were learnt.At morning brief, Salty Sea Dog Lukish described the nautical origins of the pharse ‘Hijack’. All hands had a good laugh at the animated way it was acted out. Engineer Rags made another good harvest for the scran bag, which soon had those guilty of leaving gear sculling singing for their items. Happy Hour today was a specialevent-deck day, and XO Chooka was very impressed with the results. Chef Stony prepared some magnificant cream buns for morning tea. Before long there was cream dribbling down chins fore and aft. XOChooka led the Youth Crew in yet another round of rope races. This is a series of competative learning sessions used to improve Ship knowledge and nautical terminology. After lunch the watches turned to for setting and furling drills. The aim was to allow the Youth Crew to take charge of sailhandling in preparation for command day. The drills lasted all afternoon and saw everyone get an opportunity to take charge ofsetting or furling the sails. Captain John has assessed each watch as able to safely and efficiently handle sail and ready for command day. The Youth Crew have worked hard to learn an immence amount of detail in the short time they have been onboard, but they are an enthusiastic group who have risen to the challenge.Overnight the watches will conduct their mid-voyage talks. The watch leaders will coordinate this activity whose purpose is tofind out how the Youth Crew see the voyage is unfolding and listen to any suggestions for improvement they may have. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: Since 1988 over 6,000 young Australians have become part of the Youth Crew. They have experiencedvoyages lasting from 5 days to 3 months. In that time YOUNG ENDEAVOUR has sailed around the world and visited every continent exceptAntarctica.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Bend- To bend something on is to tie or fasten it. To bend on a sheet is to fasten it to its sail, tobend on a sail is to fasten it to its spar, mast or stay. Mainsail-The largest fore-and-aft sail carried in a vessel. Also called aspanker. Thought of the Day: It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare. MarkTwain. Yours, Aye John CowanLCDR, RAN HEY EVERYONE,HAVING SO MUCH FUN. LEARNING LOTS. WEATHER HAS BEEN GREAT, NOT MUCH WIND THOUGH. FOOD IS GREAT SO MUCH OF IT. THANKS STONII. MORNING WATCHES ARE THE KILLERS. SEE YOU WHEN I GET HOME BYE BYEKRYSTAL, GOLD COAST GDAY EVERYONE,ESPECIALLY KYLIEWHAT AN AMAZING 5 DAYS THE VOYAGE HAS BEEN THUS FAR. CERTAIN SKILLS AND CHALLENGES HAVE BEEN ACCOMPLISHED, BUT HAVE HELD NO EASYATTACHMENTS TO THEM.FROM LEARNING AND THINKING THROUGH TASKS EACH DAY, KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED AND EXITED TO LEARN.I AM HAVING AN EXCELLENT TIME, MY CREW MATES AND STAFF ARE GREAT, WHICH INTURN MAKES THE VOYAGE ENJOYABLE AND MOST IMPORTATELY FUN.PETER, MELBOURNE SEASICKNESS, BRUISED LEGS AND LATE NIGHT SHIFTS HAVE ONLY ADDED TO THE CONTINUAL ENJOYMENT I AM CONSTANTLY ENGAGING IN ON THE YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. THE VOYAGE SO FAR HAS BEEN MORE THAN I EVER ANTICIPATED AND I AM CONFIDENT THAT IT CAN ONLY BECOME BETTER. THE LAUGHTER AND TEAM WORK HAVE BEEN THE MAIN INGREDIENTS FOR ALLOWING THIS VOYAGE TOBE WHAT IT IS, AND WITH ALL THE NEW FOUND KNOWLEDGE I HAVE GAINED, I KNOW I CAN BECOME A BETTER PERSON. GDAY TO EVERYONE I KNOW THAT IS READING THIS AND ON BEHALF OF THE’REDDIES’, JANE WANTS TO SAY HI TO EVERYONE SHE KNOWS, ‘MORGS’ SENDS OUT A HELLO TO HIS MUM, AND STEVE WANTS HIS DOG TO KNOW HE WILL BE HOME SOON.GOTTA GO SET SOME SAILS NOW’CAPT CASS’ – CASSIDY, BRISBANE


22° 20' South / 151° 17' East


At sea under eight sails. Course: North, Wind: East at 5 kts, Cloud: 0/8,Temp:23c.