Captain's Log
6 May 2003

Go for the Perfect Try

Situation at 20:00-Last night the watches were busy completing their second climb aloft. All hands climbed to either the T’Gallant or the Topsailyard and practised casting loose the gaskets. They also practised tying knots, bends and hitches and completed the ‘full value contract’ with their watch leaders.Today’s activities commenced at 06:30 when the White watch called all hands on deck for early morning activity. After a briskpower walk around the upper deck, XO Chooka led us through some games designed to to assist in learning each other’s names. After a chance to shower and have breakfast, morning brief commenced with theceremony of colours and singing the national anthem. XO Chooka briefed us on the plan for the day before handing off to EngineerStewy and Chef Stony. They each briefed the Youth Crew on their respective areas, such how to limit showers to only 90 seconds, andthe rules to be followed in the Cafe. Salty Sea Dog Loz delivered the first of her descriptions of the nautical origins of commonly heard phrases and sayings. Happy Hour followed the morning brief and beforelong the sounds of scrubbing and polishing could be heard fore and aft. The next activity of the morning was a visit by Captain Safety. This was a detailed briefing of all of the safety equipement onboardincluding how and when each item is properly used.After morning tea, all hands turned to for the important Deck Safety and Line Handling lecture. This involved practise on how tocorrectly handle all the different lines used onboard to set and furl the sails. Somewhere along the way each watch managed to have lunch and at 14:00 Captain John mustered the Youth Crew for the Sail Theorylecture. This formed the basis for several other lectures that will occur later in the voyage and is the foundation for the skills the Youth Crew will need during command day. At 15:30 the Ship weighed anchor and shaped a course to clear Sydney Heads. Setting and furling drills occupied the next two hours, by which time we were well clear of the Harbour and Northbound. The last activity of the day was tacking drills. The Youth Crew were exercised at closing up in theirassigned tacking station and carrying out this complex evolution. If the need to tack the Ship arises overnight, all hands will know what is expected of them and how to stay safe.The first watch has closed up and are learning how to steer the Ship and carry out rounds. They are also learning how to be thelookout. Today has been very busy and the Youth Crew are starting to feel the effects of fatigue, strange surroundings and, in some cases, seasickness. Overall, they have performewd very well and are startingto develop a good sense of teamwork and rising to the challenging demands of the voyage.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: Between now and the end of August, the Ship will visit Brisbane, Mackay, Cairns, Townsville, Gladstone and Bundaberg prior to returning to Sydney. Over this period the Shipwill sail two to three thousand miles and see almost 250 young Australians experience life onboard as members of the Youth Crew.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Gasket- A short length of line used to secure sail to a mast, yard or gaff. Spanker- The after most fore-and-aft sail of a sailing Ship, quadrilateral in shape and set between the mast, boom and gaff.Thought of the Day: Growth is a never-ending process that can be accomplished under the most adverse circumstances. Growth can beachieved from one’s attempt to…go for the perfect try. Sarah Smeltzer and Joe Petriccione.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


33° 52' South / 151° 16' East


At sea under six sails. Course: Nor'East, Wind: SSE at 15 Knots, Sea State:3,Temp:20c, Cloud:6/8.