Captain's Log
16 September 2000

Gliding Past the Beaches

The Youth Crew were in an excellent mood when we cast off lines and sailed from our overnight berth in Hunter’s Bay. Perhaps it was the Olympics or perhaps it was just watching Eddie the Engineer take the ship away from the berth….Upon clearing the Heads all sail was made including the large Fisherman Staysail and Young Endeavour glided smartly past Sydney’s beaches under full sail in moderate northerly winds. The Youth Crew enjoyed a session of Rope Races and inter-watch deck games during the afternoon as morale climbed higher. The seasickness of days passed has all but disappeared and the crew are now really enjoying the challenges put to them. During the Dog Watches sail is gradually being reduced as the winds strengthen. We have about 70 miles to travel to reach Jervis Bay and I expect that we will tack a few times this evening as we get closer to the big Bay – tacking is something we haven’t done much of at night and this may put an extra strain on the Youth Crew, which they need to complete along with their Teamwork ‘Bear’ Exercise tonight. I am sure they will cope as they are bonding more and more.Tomorrow we will head into Jervis Bay and anchor – the weather forecast should give us some great conditions to fly around the Bay.Youth Crew entries:With Day 6 now underway, everybody is in high spirits. We have overcome many difficulties and challenges over the passed few days and now we have renewed energy for sailing. Through team bonding activities the Youth Crew has become much closer – getting to know each other more personally – not to mention the friendly time spent with our Watch Leaders who encourage us to push ourselves beyond our normal daily lives. We could not finish without saying a quick hi to those back home…Hi Mum and Dad -(Happy 50th Birthday today) and hi to Andrew ��� have a Gary Great buck’s night. I miss you all – see you soon ��� love always Melissa DavisHi to Mum, dad, Kate and a special hello to Chris, Nan, and Deb. Having a great time and I will see you all soon, Love Michael Podolak.Speak TomorrowAndrew


34° 39' South / 151° 13'


Current situation at 1800: Off Wollongong, heading south for Jervis Bay. Course 200, Speed 7, Wind Nor'easter at 20 knots.