Captain's Log
V07/21 Gladstone to Airlie Beach
7 April 2021

Gladstone Harbour to Sea

Ahoy guys!

Today we woke up to some blaringly loud music, again. After doing some laps to wake us up and playing an enlightening game of evolution on the deck we enjoyed a delicious breakfast. THANKS ADSY!!! Afterwards our final crewmates Schalk and Harrison arrived, completing our 07/21 family. We did a few briefs and then climbed aloft for the first time (35m tall). That was fun and everyone managed to do it first time. Then we had the choice between curry and hotdogs for lunch, which once again was delicious. Then we finalllyyy left Gladstone (thank god) and are now sailing in open water. The afternoon was spent listening to briefs, learning the ropes (literally) and puking (for some). Some highlights include seeing dolphins, sitting on the bowsprit (the pointy thing on the front of the boat), and watching fireworks in the distance. After a big day we were able to refuel with some roast lamb and vegies followed by chocolate cake (YUMMY). Tonight we’re doing our first sea watches, our group being lucky enough to get the 8-12pm watch. Goodnight to those of you who get a full nights rest (don’t take it for granted).


Thank you Youthies for your short, but sweet, account of today’s events. I have to agree it was good to finally weigh anchor and start our trip to the
Whitsundays. I certainly can’t wait to get there! Next stop is Middle Percy Island in the Percy Group, east of Sarina. We will anchor there tomorrow evening.

Until tomorrow night.

Yours Aye, Captain Mike


23 36.6' S / 151 28.7' E


Wind: North easterly at 6 Knots, Swell from NE at 1.0 m, Weather: Fine and clear, Temp: 18 deg C