Captain's Log
8 March 2000

Geelong Outer Harbour

A very busy day so I am late logging on again. Yesterday we left our intrepid Youth Crew having succesfully completed their rescue mission and on their way for their next mission. This was to send a team of four in an inflatable boat to the Port Arlington jetty and claim it for the Youth of Australia, singing a rousing rendition of Advance Australia Fair via VHF radio back to the ship. Despite a few anxious moments getting to anchor they achieved the task once more with zeal and good humour. Weighing anchor at 1920 their next challenge was to take the ship to anchor in Geelong OuterHarbour which again they successfuly accomplished.Today it was up early as always and alongside Cunningham Pier to collect some 30 guests with physical and intellectual disabilities for a sail around the Bay. The Youth Crew supported their guests, taking them aloft and teaching them to steer and set sail with their recently acquired expertise in sailing a tall ship, a most rewarding experience for all of us.One more day but still lots to do. See you tomorrow.Cap’n Bob


38° 8' South / 144° 31'


Course north-west, Speed 5 knots, Wind south-east 20 knots, partly cloudy, Temp 18 degrees