Captain's Log
23 August 2000

Full Marks to Scarecrow

Overnight the Youth Crew rested their weary bodies and refreshed themselves while the ship rode at anchor at Redcliffe in Moreton Bay. Bright and early this morning the ship berthed in the Brisbane River and embarked 50 guests from Boystown and the TV program the ‘Great South East’. Then it was off for the half-day sail. During the transit down the river, the Youth Crew took our guests aloft and upon clearing the channel all sails were set.The very fresh northerly winds made sail setting a challenge and it was all guests and crew to the sheets to make the Young Endeavour fly. Our Youth Crew were great hosts and I received lots of praise from our visitors. Full marks to ‘Scarecrow’ (Robert Schofield, 20, of Blakeview, SA) who steered for most of the day and did an outstanding job, even with a chocolate donut in his mouth.Then it was time to return to port. The t’gallant and topsail were hoisted just as the Channel 7 chopper arrived and took some great footage of the ship charging along at 10 knots with a foaming bow wave and lots of happy people waving.As the ship approached the wharf everyone helped to furl, clew and brail the sails and the deck was awash with activity. Luckily, we berthed just before a line squall hit the ship, reducing visibility to just a few hundred yards. After farewelling our guests it was back to work again, the crew conducting the important harbour furls and reminiscing their time onboard during end of voyage talks. Tonight is the ships’ concert and judging by everyone’s high spirits, it will be a hoot. Tomorrow we will get underway and proceed to the city reaches of Brisbane River, passing under the Story Bridge and berthing at Colonial Quay at 10 o’clock, Thursday.Your other onboard Youth Crew correspondent, Tall Ship sailor, Nathan Retzlaff, 17 of Rottnest Island, WA writes:’Inspirations of a voyage well done’…. Here we are on the final night of our 10-day voyage. I sit here thinking back over the last 10 days. Remembering. Remembering first impressions of the crew, watching other crew members growing together and finding a common link. Everyone has come out of their shell revealing their true spirits, following that road to self-discovery, discovering themselves, other people and other parts of the world (including islands). With the bonding of crew members, fun times in our memory, tough challenges overcome and peoples’ lives brought out and told and retold, this voyage has been an inspiration to me with memories that will last a lifetime. Tomorrow we shall be alongside and even though the voyage will end the adventure will always live on. As we come alongside on the wharf tomorrow it will be sad to see everyone leave and I for one will most likely shed a tear. In closing I would like to thank Andrew and his crew and the Youth Crew for a wonderful trip. See you soon, Mum, Dad and Rotts.Speak tomorrow…Andrew Davis


27° 23' South / 153° 9'


Current situation at 1800: In Brisbane Harbour. Temp 15, Wind: Northerly (still) at 25 knots