Captain's Log
1 October 2008

Frustrating Headwinds

Ahoy ShipmatesThis morning saw the crew of YE awake and on deck at 0630 to a picture perfect morning in Eden. After an early morning activity and breakfast we weighed anchor and departed Twofold Bay under main engines hoping to make some good ground to the north before the predicted northeasterly freshened. This occurred earlier than expected at 1100, so it was again back to motorsailing against a 25kt headwind which by now had reduced our speed to 4kts. After lunch and a bit of YC ���free time�� we conducted another set of rope races followed by demonstrational tacks, this time giving all YC the opportunity to experience the procedures for tacking ship from the bridge so that they have a better understanding of the orders and procedures required to successfully carry out this manoeuvre. Given that the wind had now strengthened to 25kts these set of tacks gave the YC a real appreciation of the speed, power and manoeuvrability of YE in these conditions. On completion of these tacks we again reduced sail, started both main engines and continued our passage north against the prevailing conditions with the hope of reaching Jervis Bay by early tomorrow afternoon. Please find attached Captains Log entry from White Watch: Yours AyeCaptain Gav White Watch Captains LogToday was a beautiful fine day, although the wind did pick up. We departed Eden at about 9 this morning after experiencing the wonderful ���3 Blind Jellyfish’ song from Nanna��_ We got off to a good start, with 20-30 knot winds coming through for the major part of the day. Sea breeze came in the wrong way though (ie we were sailing straight into it), had some good swells! Covered about 40 nautical miles. A few brave people climbed out onto the bowsprit and got very wet in the spray!Today is the first day we’ve seen land the whole day long, and lots of dolphins to boot. Yesterday was a blast from the past! We visited the historical whale museum in Eden to see the wonderful and great-aged Old Tom the Killer Whale. We also saw old Phil McGrath demonstrating the Morse Code and telegram instruments in the museum.And of course everybody has thoroughly enjoyed the culinary artistry being produced by the man in the kitchen, Chad!Now personal notes from those in White Watch��_.D’Arcy has been really seasick until today, which has been much better after departing Eden. She has really liked sailing past her local surfing spots too.Mitch & Drew haven’t been participating in the Youth Crew spirit of throwing up over the side of the ship.Drew had great fun in the galley, his famous ���Drew’s Fly-Home Pizza’ went like hot-cakes!Boz says, if you ever get the chance to, go to Eden, lovely little fishing town! Suze is awesome, pity she’s leaving. Young Endeavour is a great experience.Skip says, Young Endeavour has so far been the most amazing experience I have ventured on. It has been a challenge! I have pushed my boundaries to achieve goals I have set. I have met lifelong friends whom I will stay close to.Stephi says, Hey everyone at home and my friends Mands, Soph and Neemu. This trip is a dream, everything I imagined it to be. My favourite moments were��_. On day one when we climbed the mast, 44m off the ground, looking over the night sky with the Hobart city lights glowing. I seriously felt like I was on top of the world (a Titanic moment!). Coming into Eden was amazing as I stood at the tip of the bowsprit to hang the flag, nothing but water below me. I wish you guys could see what I see now, love Stephi.Karina has experienced considerable motion sickness but hasn’t yet thrown up off the yards on the masts��_.. has loved seeing the dolphins, meeting people from all walks of life and gaining invaluable sea knowledge which she will probably forget as soon as she gets off the boat.Yours AyeWhite Watch: Skip Mitch D’ArcyRyan Drew KarinaStephi Boz


36° 19' South / 150° 14' East


Just southeast of Montague Island motorsailing against a fresh 17kt northeasterly wind and 2m swell.