Captain's Log
8 September 2008

Frustrated By Lack of Wind

Ahoy Shipmates, Overnight we continued to make good progress to the south, especially during the middle watch were the south westerly strengthened to just over 20kts and the ship was making good a speed of 7.5kts. Unfortunately these conditions did not last and by the morning watch the wind had again moderated to less than 10kts. Just prior to morning brief we experienced a wind shift to the south east so the ship was called to tacking stations and we quickly altered course to the south west and shaped course for Laguna Bay. Due to lack of wind a number of activities planned for today which involved wind and sail had to be post boned. In their place the Youth Crew were kept busy for the majority of the day with activities such as rope races, mid voyage talks and of course keeping their normal watches. Late in the afternoon everyone was given some free time so that could either catch up on some much needed sleep, take the time to reflect on their experience onboard thus far, or just relaxing out on deck enjoying the uncomplicated pleasures of life at sea. During the night watches tonight the YC will continue to consolidate their sailing and navigation skills in preparation for their Command Day which is currently scheduled to commence on Monday. Early tomorrow afternoon the ship will anchor in Laguna Bay, were all of the Youth Crew will get an opportunity to get ashore for a few hours to enjoy Noosa Beach and have a good leg stretch. Until Tomorrow, take care. Yours AyeCaptain Gav


25° 50' South / 153° 20' East


Currently 50nm north east of Laguna Bay and experiencing a light 6-8kt southerly.