Captain's Log
13 July 2012

Friday the Thirteenth – Command Day

Some words from Youth Crew Captain Luke.Friday the Thirteenth Today started with an eerie feeling as most of us knew the consequences that usually go along with Friday the Thirteenth. However, this feeling was quickly removed as Matt confirmed that we would be going ashore to hug trees and snorkel in the beautiful Blue Pearl Bay. The weather still had not turned in our favour and a dry morning transformed into a very wet and foggy day. The rain could never make up its mind, and as usual decided to give us continuous showers as soon as we put our laundry on the line. As the afternoon slowly came around and the youth crew enjoyed yet another amazing lunch from Luke most of us were sharing rumours about taking command and what it would entail.At 1300 all crew were called to midships and in the rain ‘El Capitano’ Gunna transferred the captainship of the Young Endeavour over to me. We received our instructions and Rachel the sail mistress, and Matt the navigator and I made for the chart room to discuss our plans. When Rick told us the navigation instructions would be delivered by a pigeon some quick thinking allowed us to locate the ‘pigeon’ atop the main mast. Our next drama entailed the crew to locate a completely missing island – Kent Island, close to Cairns. After some attempt the youth crew managed to figure out Matt’s shoddy copy and paste job in the Command Day instructions list to learn that the island was for a previous voyage.With plans underway and the rest of the crew already completing one set task, we decided to weigh anchor. The sail plans were ruined when the wind dial was spinning 360 degrees and light winds. The now ex-captain Gunna, kindly allowed us to use the engines to safely get one nautical mile away from land. Unfortunately, when the engines were turned off the Young Endeavour ship was stranded and drifting back to shore by the flowing currents. With some quick setting of sails the youth crew managed to get the ship somewhat on its way travelling at approximately one knot, just in time for the youth chef’s dinner. We have continued along this way since leaving our initial position and have moved approximately 3.5 miles in a number of hours.


20° 1' South / 148° 57' East


Co 200 Sp 1.5kts. Wind light and variable.