Captain's Log
4 June 2001

Flying Across the Top

Our Youth Crew (YC) joined early yesterday and after a welcome on deck we got underway early on our 17 day voyage from Weipa to Darwin.At the moment everyone is getting ready to climb aloft to the lower top (the lowest platform on the foremast), before splitting into their watches for some overnight activities.My team for this voyage is: XO – Dion, Nav – Paul, Watch Officer – Kath, White WL – Donny, Red WL – Woody, Blue WL – Sally, Chef – Karen, Engineer – Rick.The forecast wind is strong for the next week, so we will fly across the Gulf of Carpentaria and hopefully reach the Northern Territory by Friday.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


12° 42' South / 141° 53'


Current situation at 1900: At Anchor Weipa Harbour. Wind Sou'east at 20 knots. Temp 26C