Captain's Log
22 August 2009

Flogging a dead horse

Good Evening Shipmates,Today wasn’t a great sailing day but it was a great day all the same.Overnight the wind deserted us and it was obvious (to me at least), that when homage was paid to our wind God Brother Nutzie that there must have been some none believers in our midst. Nonetheless, the YC continued their second Command Day with enthusiasm. Rather than flogging the dead horse, we pulled stumps and motored into Darwin Harbour anchoring shortly after lunch. The YC all proceeded ashore to Stokes Hill Wharf to have a sugar and junk food fix. Some went to the new plunge pool to cool their heels. Back onboard for dinner and it was then time for our very own Sods Opera. Each watch and the staff put on an act and everybody had a good laugh. A real highlight was Robbie singing a song he penned and also Annie (who had never written a poem in her life before) recited the poem she wrote. It is published in full below.Tomorrow we have our half day sail and will be taking out some guests from Camp Quality. We’re looking forward to hosting them and hopefully they’re looking forward to their adventure. That’s it for now.Yours ayeAndrew ���Gunna’ RourkeHer magicFrom beginners to sailors in the course of a few days, No one knew what to expect, when they yelled helms alee. From reefing to furling, and a few youth crew hurling,The Endeavour’s main purpose was yet to prevail.So off we went, we set out to sail, And those girls felt sorry, still looking so pale.Some hoped for high seas, and an absence of trees, For we were off on our adventure,It was all but a dream.The places we would wander, no one would ever know, No voyage alike, so the youth crew have shown.Then came the hard work, on those lines we were pulling, So much to learn, always something to be doing!Chad fed us too well, with sleep our best friend, A few boys got blisters, but all on the mend.From sunrise’s aloft, and barbecued sunsets, Relaxing on the deck, and low flying jets.We were the wonder of the water, our sails set so tall, It’s all about looking good, even when ashore.Lizard Island not forgotten, its radiance of blue, With white sand beaches, and the footprints of my shoes.So we pressed on some more, with the Wessels in mind,Through the Gulf of Carpentaria, Leaving the mainland behind.Headed for a cliff face, clear in front of our course, We made a quick tack, and felt no remorse.Through hole in the wall we sailed, all engines turned off,Something she achieved, with her youth crew aloft.So up pops command day, not one but two, We allocated staff, so many things to do!The six of us chefs, were told we were great, While the crew up on deck, were throwing their lives at stake.The tall ship, she was rocking, from side to side she rolled.We were near Darwin town now, sweating, not cold.This voyage has brought us values, some maybe never knew, I’m sure it will never be forgotten, between all our youth crew!Forever thanks to the Young Endeavour for the magic she brings.By Annie Van haaren


12° 29' South / 130° 28' East


At anchor Darwin Harbour