Captain's Log
29 September 2009

Fist Night At Sea

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 2 of the voyage. This morning started at 0630 with a musical wake up call. Once everyone was on deck we conducted an Early Morning Activity (EMA) which this morning consisted of a getting to know each other exercise. Following the normal Young Endeavour ���big breakfast’ it was straight into a very comprehensive morning brief then cleaning stations (happy hour). Once the ship was spotlessly clean Penny (Safety Equipment specialist for this voyage) provided a detailed and entertaining safety equipment brief. To complete the morning’s activities the Youth Crew completed some more deck safety then finally headed below for lunch. Whilst all these activities were occurring this morning we sent Staff Crew member Bel ashore to visit a Broome Doctor as she had been feeling poorly over the past 2 days. Unfortunately the news was not good as she was diagnosed with a viral infection with the Doctor recommending some much needed rest. Given this news I decided to send Bel home to recover and she will rejoin us in Exmouth. We will miss you Bel, Get well soon! At 14:00 the anchor was weighed and the ship proceeded out of Broome Harbour and into Roebuck Bay were we where greeted by a moderate north westerly breeze. Given these perfect conditions we immediately set sail and commenced our passage south. Under the guidance of their watch leaders, the Youth Crew spent the rest of the afternoon conducting setting and furling drills and learning the intricacies of tall ship sailing. By late afternoon they had managed to set and furl most sails and complete their first full set of tacks as a crew. Early evening saw all YC settle into their watches for the night while the Ship continued to make good ground to the south under a full press of fore and aft sails.Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


18° 13' South / 121° 46' East


Currently located 30nm to the south west of Broome and experiencing moderate 13-15kt north westerly winds.