Captain's Log
29 June 2008

First day At Sea

Ahoy Shipmates, This morning saw all hands piped on deck at 06:30 for a light Early Morning activity (EMA) session and team building activity. After breakfast, the YC participated in the ceremony of Colours (raised flags and sang National Anthem), and their first morning brief. For the remainder of the forenoon, the YC were occupied with ���Happy Hour’ (cleaning stations), an in depth safety brief, and training in line handling and deck safety drills. At 13:30 YOUNG ENDEAVOUR weighed anchor and proceeded out of Trinity Inlet, into the main channel and finally out into open water. Once in open water I called the Ship straight to tacking stations (put bow through the wind), this evolution is designed to ensure the YC have a basic level of understanding in the likely event that the ship will be required to wear or tack during the first night at sea. The YC completed three successful tacks, thus proving the watch and station bill, and signifying the end of the intense instruction of the first 24 hours. During this evolution my Sail Master Sandon accidentally injured his hand, which our resident Doctor informed me would require a couple of stitches and an x-ray. Given this advice I decided to head back into Cairns so that Sandon could get the best of medical treatment. The time is now 2000 and we are back at anchor in Trinity Inlet were we will remain until tomorrow morning. The Youth Crew will continue with their training program and are currently either climbing the mast or learning how to conduct engineering rounds. Shortly the Navigator will provide a presentation on anchor watches so that the YC can complete these watches throughout the night. I am confident that Sandon will return to us later on this evening and then we will again sail from Cairns early tomorrow morning.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


16° 56' South / 145° 46' East


Currently back at anchor in Trinity Inlet and experiencing light SE winds.