Captain's Log
18 June 2008

Finally Heading North

Ahoy Shipmates, The Engineer and the Boats Officer returned to the Ship with the new sump pump just after midnight. Once onboard the Engineer set to work replacing the pump and by 0300 this morning this new piece of machinery had been installed, tested and thankfully proven to be working perfectly. The YC were shaken at 0630 to complete an early morning activity which was followed by a ���teak deck’ BBQ breakfast. At morning brief I announced to a very happy YC that our defective pump had been replaced and that we would be departing Horseshoe Bay on completion of ���Happy Hour�� (cleaning stations). At 0945 this morning YE weighed anchor and assisted by a light south easterly breeze departed Horseshoe Bay under sail for the first time for this voyage. Once in open water the YC lay aloft to cast loose the gaskets on the topsail and the topgallant (upper square sails) and once back on deck all watches commenced sail setting and furling drills. By mid afternoon we had set and furled most sails and successfully completed our first set of tacks as a crew. As the YC were now working well as a team I initiated an un-alerted Man Overboard Exercise (MOBEX), which besides providing valuable training for the Staff Crew it also gives the YC an appreciation for the quick responses required by all crew to quickly hand in all sail, manoeuvre the ship and recover a person from the water. Once this exercise was complete the ship was brought back under sail and we shaped course for Palm Passage and the Outer Barrier Reef. It is now 2100 and it is expected that the Ship will go to tacking stations shortly so that we can altered course to the NW and commenced making ground to Orphious Island, were we expect to come to anchor at 0700 tomorrow morning.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


18° 24' South / 146° 57' East


Currently in Palm Passage sailing close hauled under fore and aft sails and experiencing 13-15kt SE winds.