Captain's Log
10 July 2009

Final Night Of Voyage 14-09

Hi everyone, Welcome to the final night of Voyage 14-09. At 1000 this morning the Youth Crew handed back the Ship after a successful Command Day. At 1230 we weighed anchor, departed Muiron Island and transited the 22nm to our current anchorage just of the Exmouth Marina. During this passage the YC completed end of voyage talks and assisted Staff with some upperdeck maintenance. Late afternoon saw everyone proceed aloft to complete harbour furls of the square sails. Once this job was complete everyone lay below to enjoy our last teak deck BBQ for the voyage complete with magnificant Exmouth Gulf sunset . This evening we enjoyed a slide show on deck of photographs that have been taken throughout the voyage which gave us the opportunity to reflect on the wonderful time that we have had over the past 10 days.Tomorrow we say goodbye to the YC of Voyage 14-09 and the Staff Crew will take a well deserved 48 hour rest in Exmouth before embarking the next YC who will be joining us on Saturday 10 Oct 09 for Voyage 15-09 from Exmouth to Fremantle.Please find attached log entries from some of the YC.Special Note: tomorrow we say farewell to our Executive Chef Jarod Bailey. Jarod has been the Chef onboard for the past 2 years and has done an amazing job. Jarod, from all of the Staff Crew and the Youth Crew that have sailed with you over the past 2 years many thanks for your fantastic food and great sense of humour!, we wish you all best for the future. Until next voyage, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav Command Day Part 2Hey everyone, the voyage has been an amazing trip a once in a life time experience that I will never forget even the staff and crew. I want to share a motto of mine which was given to me by Athol John Hatten ���life is life fight for it�� that motto is what got me here facing the challenges and staying positive and watching out for the crew. The main goal to me of this voyage is achieve everything as possible with no regrets. I like to thank the staff for making this voyage possible and teaching us new skills and the crew working together as a team. Regards,Nathan Athol AdsettHey everyone, this voyage has been one of the best things I’ve done in my life. If I had the chance to do it again I would do it again with out second’s thoughts. This trip has allowed me to make new friends and meet up with old friends. Throughout the journey there were ups and downs for everyone but we continued on. This journey has taught me new skills that will be highly usefull, and has taught the crew how to work as a team.RegardsLiam Bert WiedemannI guess its time to say good bye to every one. We’ve all made so many memories and met so many people and the time of our lives. Nearly two weeks I’ve known these people, and I feel like they’re family. Tomorrow mornings goodbyes will be harder then you can imagine. I came on this trip, thinking ���yeah, I’ll meet some new people and learn a few things.�� Talk about an understatement. Not only did I meet the 22 Youth Crew and the 8 staff on this trip, but I got to know them, almost as well as I know my self. 11 days of living in each others pockets, without any major fights ��� I think we did well. When Command day rolled around, we were given 24 tasks that we had to complete. One of these tasks, was to write a nautical poem, highlighting our adventures on this trip, and, I was lucky enough to be the one who wrote it. First night on board,They don’t mess around,Sending us up,Thirty metres from the ground.There was laughter and smiles,Excitement and Tears,As they encouraged us all,To face our fears.Over the next few days,We learnt the ropes,And about each other,Our dreams and our hopes.We saw sights that tookOur breath away ���The sunrises and sets,Words cannot sayThe beauty of this,And the open seas too,We learnt to appreciateWhile having a spewFrom all over the country,Twenty four of us came,And now we go home,Not one of us the same.We’ve grown to appreciate,The little things, like sleep,And the wonderful memories,That we’ll forever keep.There’s been dolphins and whales,Seahorses and snakes too,All of which amazed,Both me and you.There’s bruises and cuts,And blisters and burns,And muscles that acheWhen we think of ���OFF TURNS��But time has flown past,Our journeys at it’s end,And we’ll walk away,With many new friends.Tomorrow we go home,Without any regrets,And the time of our lives,That we’ll never forget. I’m going to follow in our wonderful captain’s shoes, and finish with a quote, ���It’s the journey, not the destination that matters most.�� Think about it.I’ll see you when the sun comes up,Skyeanne Wright


21° 57' South / 114° 8' East


Currently at anchor just of the Exmouth Marina and enjoying light SW winds with nil swell