Captain's Log
V05B/15 - Passage Five - Part B
18 August 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 16 of our voyage and what may be the final Captains Log for the World Voyagers of Passage 5B and the 8 crew still left with us from Passage 5A. When I say it may be the last Log it is only because I have been caught out previously when in the final 24hrs of a voyage someone has come to me and said ‘Gav’ I still have something to go in the Log so in this case we will just wait and see.Since departing Bremerhaven the weather has been pretty average and since late this morning have continued to experience moderate to strong headwinds, a 1m confused swell and passing showers. I guess we all hoped that we would have some favourable conditions for Passage Fives final 48hrs at sea but I guess this is not going to be the case, but that’s sailing!Despite the weather we have still managed to conduct the final set of ‘Rope Races’ and a very entertaining egg throw competition which saw White Watch victorious in both these activities today.Tomorrow we will arrive in Amsterdam which from all reports will be the biggest of all of the North Sea events that we have attended. Sail Amsterdam will commence tomorrow afternoon with a Parade of Sail which will see at least 70 Tall Ships of all different sizes enter the Lock then parade through a sea of spectator craft to finally reach their designated berths. Young Endeavour is number 62 in this parade so it may take us a while to get the ship alongside tomorrow. As with Sail Bremerhaven their will a Crew Sports day, Crew Parade, Crew Party and a number of other activities that will keep our crew busy and having fun right up until their final departure from the Ship on the morning of Friday 21st August.Despite this only being a short voyage all of us Staffies have become very close to these World Voyagers and as normal will find it difficult to say goodbye. On behalf of all of the Staff Crew I would like to thank this wonderful group of World Voyagers for their energy, motivation, support and friendship throughout the voyage. You really made our job easy and we have enjoyed having all of you onboard for this important part of the World Voyage.Writing tonight’s Log is Travis who has done an amazing job of writing about the Young Endeavour experience and what it really means. Enjoy!Until next time, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAIN’S LOG – 18 AUG 15Wow, what a ride. I’m sure many times people have sat at this laptop and stared at this blank screen, wanting so much to translate everything they have experienced on their voyage. I am no different and I hope that this will give you a glimpse into what can only be called a Trip of a Life Time.To say that the Young Endeavour is just about sailing is to completely misunderstand her. She can be your best friend or can just push you to the breaking point. The tip for young players is: it’s what you make of those moments that will determine the adventure you have. You could easily say that you’re too sick or too tired to lay aloft*, you could easily lay in the sun all day rather than getting involved in the thick of the action. But what is earned? What is gained? Could you honestly return home and find yourself talking about how great it was or would you find yourself wanting to change the topic because there isn’t much to talk about.My old man once told me If it was easy, everyone would do it. He was spot on, the Young Endeavour isn’t for the contented, it isn’t a cruise, and this isn’t a privilege. This is a gift, this is life. The Young Endeavour is for the curious, for the young at heart, for the person who is driven to better themselves.There have been some fantastic moments on this trip, but everyone always talks about that. There are moments that change something inside you. When the wind is up, forcing your hair into your face and the rain’s come thick and hard while you strain to see the horizon. When sails need to be furled**, and the higher you climb the more the ships mast pitches and rolls, that moment, right there! That is where the gold is, right on the cusp of defeat.Believe me when I say, I wanted to give up, I think we all did. However I didn’t give up, and it wasn’t some prophetic quote that helped, it wasn’t some strong desire to prove my own worth. It was the faces of my fellow crew, they were a mirror of what I was thinking and feeling. What I was projecting, I was receiving. I could feel the whole momentum of the world coming to a grinding stop. It’s at that moment where you have a choice about what you are going to get out of this adventure,Defeat or Victory. I found that a smile, a song or even a knowing nod is enough to change your projection, and just like that it spreads, but this time it’s not fear and loathing, its humanity.Travis Hock*Climb** Put the sail away. Hey puneet, I hope that every thing is going well at home. Can you let mum and dad know im having lots of fun even if been a little sea sick. missing you lots. Talk soon. Sending you all my love from the north sea AlyceHey mother goose, Sam, Sarah and Helga. I made it to the topgallant today!! It was super windy but I managed to step out onto the yard fir a couple of minutes. Very proud of myself! Got back onto deck and spewed down the side of the boat, haha. Talk to you soon, missing you all. Love Sam xxxHello there Mum, Dad, Bloc, James and breezy girl! Above is pretty much how I’m feeling right now, only put more dramatically and elegantly then I ever would. I never thought I’d be confident saying this, but I’m having the time of my life, and my only wish is that I could stay on longer. Can’t wait to tell you all about it. Love Alasdair xoxHey family! Sending love from the North Sea! I tried to take photos of the rough seas today but the images don’t give it justice! I am quite sad we are leaving soon, this trip has been everything and more than I could have imagined and has gone so fast! As I am writing this, there is music playing in the background that totally captures my feelings right now! I am definitely going to miss it, it is such a once in a lifetime experience! Still hope you’re recovering well Nette! Xxx Shout out to Bronte too!Hey Mum, Dad, Sarah, Terrance, Bek and Shayne! Hope everything is going well back home and in Canada. I climbed to the top of the main mast today and it was amazing, so high up! I can’t believe my voyage is almost over! Feels like just yesterday I was getting ready to come aboard in Southampton. Even though I don’t want the voyage to end I can’t wait to see you guys again, I’ve been away for 65 days! Give Luie and Rhubarb a hug from me, talk to you soon, Lauren xxx


53 degrees 14 minutes North / 4 degrees 25 minutes East


Currently located 50nm from Amsterdam motor sailing and experiencing moderate to strong headwinds with a 1m confused swell. Current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 14 degrees.