Captain's Log
7 February 2010


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day three of our voyage. As anticipated the Ship went to tacking stations at 2345 last night with a tired Youth Crew dragging themselves out of their bunks and mustering at their appropriate tacking stations, completing a very good ‘wear ship’ (putting the stern of the ship through the wind) then returning to their bunks for some much needed sleep.By morning brief we were located 8nm to the north east of the township of 1770 sailing extremely well down wind with the assistance of the south easterly trade winds, under a modified sail plan of all 3 square sails, main staysail and mainsail.Following the normal morning activities and lunch Lindsey the Engineer conducted the first set of hotly contested rope races which was followed by Adam the Navigators informative presentation on the scientific art of navigation. As the sun slowly set on another perfect day at sea, White Watch proceeded aloft to witness a cloud obscured sunset from the upper top of the foremast. Once they had laid below it was time for dinner, a watch change and finally at 1945 tacking stations so that we could wear ship prior to settling in for the night watch routine. During the night watches tonight the Youth Crew will continue to consolidate their newly found sailing and navigation skills as the ship continues to make good ground towards the Keppel Islands were we plan to anchor sometime tomorrow morning.At the moment we are located 17nm to the E-NE of Cape Capricorn sailing on a broad starboard reach under a modified sailing plan achieving a respectable boat speed of 4-5kts which is what we would expect in the current wind conditions.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav 


23°17's / 151°32'e


Currently located 17nm to the E-NE of Cape Capricorn and experiencing light-moderate 8=14kt SE winds with a 1m swell.