Captain's Log
10 April 2002

Farewell Eddie!

Current situation at 1100: After a special early morning wake up activity we got underway for the long journey up the Port River with the YC manning the yards.We berthed near the tall Ship One and All – a fitting end to the Voyage and Eddie in his last appearance drove the ship expertly into her assigned berth (he definitely wasn’t wearing his ‘Keep clear of me – I am manoeuvring with difficulty’ T-shirt.)At midships I presented Voyage certificates and the Order of Australia Emblem to Jaymie Cross, 22 of Queensland for her part in making the Voyage a success. Well done Jaymie.And then we farewelled Eddie. Gift after presento was showered upon him but it was the Mayor of Port Adelaide and Enfield (Eddie’s favourite type of dignitary) who presented his farewell gift of decking and belaying pin. See you later, Eddie, (WBE, ARGG and FIG JAM)… Come back soon-you were great!Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


34° 50' South / 138° 30'


At Port Adelaide. Temp 24C, wind- light and variable.