Captain's Log
1 September 2001

False Killer Whales

Overnight the wind abated a little and our huge swells reduced in size to about 4 metres. Tomorrow is our seventh day at sea and we’ve got a busy day ahead before we reach KI on Monday morning.Today was a busy one with lots of sail handling and climbing aloft now that the wind has allowed us to strike our storm sails and set lots of canvas. The YC are all well and not the least concerned that we’ve spent so many days at sea without a break. They must be turning into Tall Ship sailors. By the way, those pilot whales I told you about yesterday were in fact false killer whales.Youth crew entry by Astrid Piepschyk, 23, Townsville.The weather today has been an improvement from yesterday however the youth crew has been warned about another rough day ahead. The members of my watch, blue, have been great in pulling together to accomplish tasks that are set for us. I have never met such a fantastic group of people and not just from my watch but the whole youth crew. Everybody is enthusiastic except when it comes to having showers, which can be difficult in the rough weather we are experiencing. For example it is hard to remain in a perpendicular position. I have been having a great time and would not have missed this for the world.Youth crew entry by Kristy West, 23, Newcastle, NSW.If you had asked me a month ago how I planned to spend my 23rd birthday, I would never have thought it would be in the middle of the Southern Ocean. But now that I’m here, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The last few days have been rough – exactly as you would imagine the Great Australian Bight to be. It made me realise how tough it must have been for the sailors in the ‘old days’ who had to battle rough conditions for months on end. We are lucky to have tools like radar and GPS, as well as great charts to know where we are going – it would have been really scary to be sailing like this not knowing where you were. The highlight of the day for me was the great birthday celebration that the crew and staff have just given me. Woody (our chef) and the Dish Piglets made a fantastic cake and surprised me completely. Huge thanks to everyone for arranging such a great surprise. I won’t try to say hello to everyone back at home individually, but I miss you all and will see you all soon.Youth Crew entry by Carney Broadbent, 19, Darwin, NT.Well today has been yet another exciting day travelling across the Great Australian Bight. Three to five meter swells, the ship swaying in all directions, bracing yourself with almost every step you take, and waves crashing in over the top of you when on deck and holding on with all you’ve got whilst aloft. What exciting times. I climbed the main mast today in the freezing cold winds to untie the gaskets and what a rush that was. I spent yesterday as a ‘dish pig’ and what an eventful day that was – coleslaw flying everywhere in the galley, not to mention everything else. Today the only food that went flying was the nutra grain and that wasn’t too difficult to clean up. I think all Youth Crew are well and truly over any seasickness by now and are all getting along well together. What a great effort by white watch today to climb the topsail and course to untie the gaskets so they could be set. While we were up there admiring the view we managed to spot another pod of pilot dolphins (false killer whales) swimming in the swells long side the ship. After tomorrow night we should be able to sleep without holding on to the bed walls as we should be at Kangaroo Island after a long voyage. It has been such a great experience for me and I have managed to learn so many more things even after I have done a voyage on board YE once before in 1999 and it is such a rush.Hello to Mum, Dad, Kynan, Merissa and Essie. I miss you all heaps and will be home soon. Happy Birthday Dad for last Tuesday and Happy Fathers Day for tomorrow. Hello Jason. Am missing you so much and can’t wait to see you again. Love you all. Oh one more thing before I go – what do we think of Bullet? He’s alright.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


35° 31' South / 135° 14'


CO's Log Saturday 1 Sept 2001Current situation at 1800: At sea under full sail and getting closer to South Oz. Wind sou'west at 25 knots. Temp an icy 12C.