Captain's Log
8 February 2002

Essentials: Chocolate and Film

Current situation at 1800: Today we arrived in Port Lincoln after sailing overnight. The YC thundered ashore to the shops to get several staples: chocolate and film. Our reason for visiting Port Lincoln was to fix our radar which has decided to work shifts – when it feels like it. Consequently we are going to stay here overnight at anchor and make that radar work – whether it wants to or not. Youth crew entry by Matthew Dean, 17, from Melbourne: How are we all back home? Well I hope, well we have been out for a while now andstill no thought of wanting to go home. I had a bit of an accident on the beach when I spear tackled one of the staff and I broke my TOE where it joins to my foot I think. But I am fine ofcourse, so there’s no need to worry. How is school Ali and happy birthday! I hope you got heaps of prezzies. I will give you mine when Iget home. To finish off I am having a ball and I’ll speak to you when I get to Ceduna. Lots of love Matty xxx ooo.Tash Putman 19 from Rockhampton. Hi Mum, Dad, Jeremy, Rosie and Catsand everyone reading this from Rock-vegas. We are now sailing toward Port Lincoln. We are currently trying to miss the tuna farm nets. Lotsa fun. Hi to anyone else around Australia readingthis. Well I will stop hogging the keyboard so Adios. TASHClaire Partridge, 21, says a big hello to Mum and Dad, my German family and happy belated birthday to Braddles and happy birthday to Steve.This is a message home to the friends and family of the girls from the Red Watch – Jenna, Kathyrn, Sarah and Kate. Of course we are having a wonderful adventure aboard the Young Endeavour sailing from Geelong to Ceduna. Today we berthed in Pt Lincoln before we head off to Ceduna later in the week. Our visit to Pt Lincoln allowed the Youth Crew to replenish their chocolate supplies. What a pity there will be no guts watch (12-4am) for us tonight. So far during our watches we have seen dolphins, seals, 1 whale, 1 shark and have also heard a few penguins. We are also proud to announce that Red Watch currently leads rope races – a daily competition where the three watches race each other tofind names/parts of the ship. Blue and White are on 22 each, while we soared ahead to 35 points.Sarah, 19, from Adelaide: Well everyone I finally got to write in the Captain’s Log. A bighello to Mum, Dad, Kate and Harry, George, little Nattie and my Grandma. Also butterfly kisses to Kathryn, Olivia and Megan. I’m having a great time and will see some of you in Ceduna in less than a week. Lots of love SarahPS: Please bring my Crowded House CD and some others Kate, 18, from Newcastle:I am missing you all heaps especially Mum, Dad, Martin, Brendan, Pop, Grandma, Ziggy (my dog) and all my friends. Hope everyone is healthy and happy. Have fun travelling around South Australia Mum and Dad and I look forward to seeing you both at Ceduna. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read these messages. Lots of love always, KateJenna 16 from somewhere near Bathurst (sorry Jen we forgot):Hi Mum, Dad, Anke, Gaby, Joshy babes and Uncle Danny and Aunty Moran and all my friends who may be following my adventures. I’m having aball and have met so many great people (such as Kate and Sarah he he). Love ya, miss ya, leave ya. Always Jen xx ooStay tuned,Andrew Davis


34° 43' South / 135° 54'


At sea in Spencer Gulf, under fore and aft sail, wind sou'westerly at 25 knots, temp - still freezing.