Captain's Log
12 July 2007

Entry Into Port Phillip Bay

Ahoy ShipmatesOvernight we experienced some favourable northerly winds followed by some strengthening westerly,s during the forenoon watch. Given these conditions we continued to make good progress to the east with the plan now to pass through the Rip (entry to Port Phillip Bay) at slack water at approximately 1730.During the afternoon I conducted Captains setting and furling drills and am happy to report that all three watches passed with flying colours. This was followed by command day brief and command team elections as tomorrow is the big day.At 1730 we passed safely through the Rip and entered Port Phillip Bay under sail and proceeded up the channel to Capel Cove and our anchorage position just near the township of Rye. We anchored just on sunset and have now settled in for a good nights sleep in preparation for the commencement of Command Day. Yours AyeCaptain Gav


38° 21' South / 144° 49' East


At anchor just of the township of Rye